Contract assembly software: your go-to guide for 2024

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April 17, 2024
Looking for a fast and efficient way to create contracts? Contract assembly software could be exactly what you need.

What is contract assembly software?

Contract assembly software is the technology used to automate the contract creation process, usually by combining pre-defined templates with key transaction or party information.

Instead of drafting terms from scratch each time, a contract is assembled automatically by pulling contract data directly into a template to populate the agreement.

Using contract assembly software can significantly reduce the time legal and business teams spend drafting contracts and enable them to focus on higher value, more strategic tasks instead.

How does contract assembly software work?

Contract assembly software works by automatically populating and customizing contract templates. This can be achieved in two main ways:

1. Contract assembly via a Q&A workflow

One way to assemble contracts is to pull the relevant contract data in from a Q&A form.

For example, Juro users can fill out a simple series of questions in the platform. Their answers are then used to populate the relevant smartfields and form the contract metadata.

This is a user-friendly and intuitive way to make sure information ends up in the right place within a contract, reducing risk as a result.

2. Contract assembly via an integration

Another way to assemble contracts quickly and efficiently is to integrate your contract management solution with your other business tools were deals and hires are captured in the first place.

For example, you can integrate CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive with a platform like Juro to automate contracts in just a few clicks.

The fields in a record or opportunity are mapped to the relevant fields in a contract template, with data syncing seamlessly between the two to minimize manual data entry work.

You can achieve the same results by integrating Juro with an ATS/HRIS solution like Workday, Greenhouse and Ashby, or with a project management tool like ClickUp, Asana or

Features to look out for

There are plenty of contract management solutions on the market, each offering different things.

However, if your focus is on streamlining the creation process and enabling teams to self-serve, you'll benefit from the following features in particular:

  • Flexible contract editor: you want a contract editor that puts an emphasis on legal design and offers plenty of customization options, keeping your contracts on-brand
  • Simple Q&A forms: intuitive Q&A workflows make it quick and easy for counterparties and internal teams to self-serve on contract creation, which minimizes the burden on legal
  • Conditional logic: platforms that allow you to set rules and conditions enable you to consolidate several contract templates into just one, which gives you greater control over your contracts overall
  • Robust integrations: you want to find a contract assembly system that integrates seamlessly with the tools already in your tech stack and builds upon your existing workflows

Assemble contracts in seconds with Juro

Juro gives legal and business teams all of these options and features, with 4000+ integrations and dynamic contract questionnaires that allow you to create templated agreements in seconds.

The result? Well, there are plenty of benefits of adopting contract assembly software like Juro:

  • Fewer contract requests land on legal's desk, which gives in-house lawyers more time to focus on what matters
  • Contracts are turned around up to 10x faster than with traditional tools and processes, simply because routine admin is sped up and automated
  • Legal regains control over contract terms, eliminating scope for ad-hoc drafting by other teams

Best of all, Juro is an all-in-one solution, meaning it offers the functionality needed to streamline contracts beyond creation, too.

In other words, you can create, review, approve, negotiate, store, track and renew contracts in one unified workspace. No more jumping back and forth between tools.

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