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March 29, 2023
How can you be confident that counterparties will be comfortable engaging with a modern solution to contracts like Juro?

You’ve created an efficient and frictionless contract workflow that takes you from template to signing request seamlessly. Great! But when you send the contract to your counterparty to be signed, what will they make of it?

Most businesses understand and are familiar with platforms like Word and DocuSign. To keep that trust when you move to a better solution, make sure you find a collaborative contract management tool like Juro that prioritizes the end user experience on every side of the relationship.

Your counterparties need to have as positive an experience as possible with contracts - the better the experience, the more likely they are to sign, and the quicker your commercial team can get that new deal closed.

Here’s why counterparties love to agree contracts in Juro.

A collaborative, flexible platform

Legacy CLMs can be inflexible and non-intuitive, which can make it difficult for anyone outside of legal to be comfortable agreeing and managing contracts. But it’s not just lawyers who agree contracts - the individual on the other side of your contract could be anyone.

This means it’s important to deliver a counterparty experience that works for everyone - whether that’s CEOs or salespeople, large enterprises or SMEs, procurement teams or prospective new employees.

Suitable for counterparties of all types

Juro’s customer base includes more than 6000 companies in more than 120 countries. With so many businesses powering their contracts with Juro, the range of professional profiles signing in Juro is huge, and includes:

  • Individual employees signing offer letters and HR contracts
  • Managers with signatory authority getting deals over the line
  • Directors and senior managers agreeing strategic partnerships
  • C-suite and board directors signing business-critical deals

Ryan Zahrai is the Head of Legal at Eucalyptus, a healthtech company comprised of five healthcare brands. 

The Eucalyptus team wanted a system of record that could unify templates and contracts in one place, allowing for consistency and watertight contract data across the group, regardless of the range of counterparties involved. He found that solution in Juro:

We’ve sent hundreds of contracts to investors and shareholders, almost all through Juro. Counterparties really appreciate the fact that you can view and sign a contract easily and securely from your phone

Find out more about how Eucalyptus implemented Juro to automate routine tasks and streamline collaboration.

Whether it’s million-dollar multi-year SOW, or a freelancer agreement for two months’ work, you can be sure your counterparty will find the functionality and security they need in Juro’s all-in-one platform.

Suitable for counterparties from all industries

Being the system of record for contracts for 6000+ companies means Juro operates in a wide range of industries too. While technology companies (particularly in SaaS, marketplaces and fintech) make up the majority of the Juro user community, our customer base includes companies, and counterparties, in all the following industries too:

  • Car manufacturing
  • Newspaper and media groups
  • Accountancy, banking and finance
  • Universities
  • Local government

The flexibility of the Juro platform, together with its deep stack of integrations, means that 97 per cent of contract initiated in Juro are ultimately executed in Juro. But in the rare situations counterparties don’t want to use Juro, you can export Juro contracts as PDFs or Word documents, to continue negotiations in a platform they’re comfortable with.

Once the contract has been agreed, you can import the PDF or Word document back into Juro, and Juro will track all the edits and suggestions in an audit trail, in-platform - so you have a complete timeline of the contract lifecycle

The route you want to take to signature is up to you - that’s what makes Juro a truly flexible, collaborative platform, and not just another CLM.

Find out more about Juro's native eSignature

Uncompromising security

Despite the challenges presented by legacy CLMs or a fragmented contract process, counterparties may be hesitant to use a new solution. 

Counterparties may be uncertain on how the platform works, reluctant to move away from trusted formats like Word and PDF, or worried about security with challenger vendors. Contracts govern your most valuable business relationships so your risk appetite is likely to be low.

Despite being a modern solution to the CLM problem, Juro doesn’t compromise when it comes to security, offering:

  • Enterprise-grade protection. Juro has achieved SOC2 type 2 compliance and Cyber Essentials certification
  • Relevant policies to keep customers protected. Our responsible disclosure policy and award-winning privacy policy covers everything from steps you need to take to report a vulnerability, to how we collect, manage and store information
  • A secure eSignature tool. Advanced electronic signature (AdES) and compliant digital agreements ensure that users signing a contract in Juro can do so safely and securely
  • Best-in-class support times. We’ve been rated #1 on G2 for best support and ease of setup in the contract management category, with 99.9%+ uptime

Find out more about security at Juro, and how Juro enables users and counterparties to keep contracts safe and protected.

One source of truth for contracts

Contracts processed through a manual workflow often get pushed through various systems during the lifecycle. 

They’re drafted in Word, sent to the counterparty as PDFs, reverted back to Word for negotiations and bounced back and forth in emails, before ending up as signed documents in an eSignature tool. 

This process can be painful for counterparties when it comes to keeping track of the document and of the edits taking place in the contract. 

With contract collaboration software, the entire contract lifecycle lives in one unified workspace - so you can draft the contract, and counterparties can negotiate and sign, without having to leave the browser.

This alternative approach to a file-centric contract process ensures that version control isn’t a problem, drastically improving the counterparty experience. 

Luke Hextall, People Operations at hypergrowth delivery company Gopuff, discusses the value of having a unified workspace for contracts:

Our integrations offer us a single flow of data with a single source of truth. If Juro didn’t have them, we would’ve found ourselves using multiple spreadsheets, and increasing the risk of human error as we scaled

Find out more about how Gopuff automated HR contracts and streamlined the onboarding process in our case study.

Real-time notifications

In a fragmented contract process, with multiple tools processing contracts (Word, PDF, email, shared drives, CLM), systems often don’t communicate with each other well, which means there’s:

  • No audit trail of contract activity
  • No visibility on the contract when it’s with the other party 

A contracts platform like Juro offers parties a collaborative workspace where you get notifications for contract activity - whether that’s the counterparty signing the contract, viewing the contract, or leaving comments during negotiations. 

You’ll also get notifications through integrated platforms, like Salesforce or HubSpot, so it doesn’t matter which platform you choose to agree and manage your contracts.

Plus, by setting up signing reminders at a template level, you can increase the chances of a contract getting signed faster. This is particularly useful for sales reps who are trying not to lose momentum in a deal.

All these features offer counterparties a clearer understanding of how discussions and negotiations are progressing, and help counterparties feel more like an active participant in this relationship than a passive end user. 

Nicolas Costa, Director of Customer Ops and Account Management at app development scaleup, Koombea, found this valuable when implementing Juro:

Our counterparties are happy negotiating in Juro - they appreciate the email notifications they receive every time someone leaves a comment. It’s great to see negotiations in Juro instead of receiving changes in a PDF or Word file 

Find out more about how Koombea uses Juro here.

A flexible alternative to legacy CLMs

When it comes to automating routine contract work, flexibility is key. When you’re interacting with a wide range of customers, it’s important to keep your options open in case they’re adamant on sticking to their ways of working. 

This is particularly common with large corporations that don’t want to move out of Word or PDF. 

In the rare situation where counterparties prefer to negotiate the old-fashioned way, make sure you implement a system that allows PDF contracts to live in the same workspace. 

The benefits of having a flexible platform, like Juro, in place for active and legacy contracts are clear - the COO of an events technology platform that partners with corporations like Google and Microsoft summarises the value of Juro:

Over our five years of using Juro we’ve never had an issue with counterparties using Juro. Sometimes corporations prefer to work in PDFs, but I like that we can upload PDFs into Juro and immediately Juro will update the status and make it trackable

Companies often want to implement Juro as the collaborative, flexible, data-rich alternative to legacy CLMs and a fragmented contract workflow. But they want to be certain that traditional counterparties will agree contracts on the platform.

If you’re thinking of adopting Juro, but face the same concerns, you have nothing to worry about - Juro’s user-friendly interface, uncompromising security, and flexibility makes it easy to use for all types of counterparties. 

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