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New in Juro: conditional approvers

As a business scales, so does its volume of contracts - and this means a mountain of contract work for the small, time-crunched legal team.

Legal may reach a point where they don’t have the capacity to review every document that lands on their desk. So how can they make sure the right contracts land on their desk, while unblocking those that don’t need legal approval?

Our growing customer base consists mainly of high-growth companies - so we collaborated with them to understand this problem in detail, and figure out how we could enable them.

The result? You can now set up conditional approvers in Juro:

First, choose your approver to initiate 'Rules' options ...
... then choose the smartfield that you want to define conditional approvals ...
... then just pick the rule you'd like to apply, sending the contract to an approver based on the smartfield value. In this case, if the termination period is 14 days, the contract goes to Andrew for approval 🎉

How does this help me? 👀

With this feature, legal and the teams they enable can align contract approval with risk appetite, and ensure that contracts don't slow the business down. 

In Juro, users can make sure contracts go to the right people depending on factors like:

  • Contract value
  • Company size
  • Location
  • Type of contract
  • Number of signatories

And much more. The list is endless - just tailor the approval workflow to the needs of the business. 

This can:

  • Save time: legal doesn’t sink time into reviewing and approving every single contract, and can instead focus on the high-value, high-risk agreements
  • Reduce the risk of human error: automating the process means that users don’t have to worry about finding the right approver for each contract 

Want to try the feature for yourself? If you're already a customer, check it out in Juro or contact your customer success manager to find out more. If you're not a customer yet, hit the button below to see it for yourself 👇

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