Implementation checklist for CLM software

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March 14, 2023
When implementing a contract platform for your business, where do you start?

Who should you involve? How do you make sure you’re set up for success? We’ve compiled a checklist to help you out.

If you have an existing contracts platform in place, then start at the beginning of this list.

If you don’t have a CLM in place, and instead you use email, shared drives, an eSignature tool, Word and so on to agree your contracts, then skip to point six in the checklist.

Check the notice period you need to give your existing vendor

Communicate your plans to switch to another platform with your existing vendor - this should be via email 

Download templates as PDFs from your current platform, so you can upload them into your new contract repository during onboarding

Also download your existing agreements, exporting them as PDFs

Export your contract metadata to a CSV so you can ensure data integrity in the next platform you use

For more information, check out our guide on how to switch to Juro from your existing provider.

Juro's rated #1 for fastest implementation in the contract management category on G2. Find out what our customers at Funnel, Luno, 11:FS and Paddle had to say about Juro's market-leading implementation process.

The rest of these steps are applicable to everyone - whether it’s your first time implementing a contracts platform, or you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to CLM software implementation.

Confirm kick-off session with vendor. This session is an important touchpoint for you to ask the vendor any questions, to meet the implementation and customer success team, and to establish milestones that will help you measure success

Set up templates in your new platform. If you’re implementing Juro, our legal engineers collaborate with you to make sure everything is up and running in the platform and your key templates are ready to use

Find out more in our deep dive on implementing Juro.

Attend training sessions. These are important as they offer the main users a detailed run-through of the platform. It’s also a great opportunity to finalise contract templates and get answers to any additional questions you may have

Set up integrations. Integrating your contracts platform with the systems you use every day can help with contract data integrity, and minimize the disruption caused by having to navigate a new system. Find out more about Juro’s integrations here

Maximise adoption of the new tool. You can do this by establishing a training session with the wider business. There’s no point buying a new tool if no-one actually uses it - so make sure your vendor helps you out with this

We’re rated #1 for fastest implementation and highest user adoption on G2. 

Attend regular review sessions with the vendor to measure your progress against the milestones you set in your kickoff meeting. This is a great way to hold both parties accountable and make sure you’re working together to get as many people using the platform as possible

Following these simple steps will ensure that the implementation process goes smoothly and efficiently for all teams involved. 

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Implementation checklist for CLM software

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