The 9 best HubSpot integrations for sales in 2024

October 27, 2023

You can integrate HubSpot with over one thousand different business tools. But with such a large ecosystem to navigate, it can be hard to decide which integrations are actually valuable to your team and worth the investment.

This guide sets out the 9 best HubSpot integrations for sales, from contract management to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automated scheduling software. Let’s get started!

What is a Hubspot integration? 

An integration is a way of connecting HubSpot with one or more business tools. HubSpot’s App Marketplace is home to over one thousand native integrations across sales, RevOps, marketing, service and more.

Integrating platforms means you do not have to leave HubSpot to access and use integrated applications. This means that users can share data and automate routine tasks from within the CRM. 

Hubspot has over 1,000 integrations as of last year, making it one of the more flexible and adaptable CRMs on the market. But which of these integrations are worth it for sales and RevOps teams in 2024? Let’s take a look. 

1. Salesforce

Salesforce offers cloud-based software primarily aimed at helping businesses manage their customer relationships. Think of it as a digital toolbox that companies can use to track sales, manage customer information, offer customer service and market products or services. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the largest CRM platform on the market globally with a market share of 23.8 percent in 2021. It is a cloud-based platform that provides customer relationship management (CRM) software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, e-commerce, analytics and application development.

Since it's cloud-based, businesses don't need to install any software on their computers - meaning Salesforce can be accessed from anywhere. This helps companies to stay organized, make informed decisions and maintain strong relationships with their customers.

How does Salesforce integrate with HubSpot?

Salesforce’s integration with HubSpot works in a number of ways. 

The integration comes from the HubSpot side and syncs data between the two platforms in real-time. This means that you can choose your preferred CRM space without compromising on the data you need to see. 

This integration also creates a bridge between marketing and sales teams. It allows you to skip the manual exporting and importing of lists and campaign responses, instead using salesforce data to personalize emails, segment your database and send emails on behalf of sales reps directly. 

Benefits of integrating Salesforce with HubSpot 

The integration itself ensures that you have control over record syncing, important lead data and personalized marketing using Salesforce details. 

The biggest benefit is that it enables sales reps to review the whole sales process in one place. This means that the team can move faster on deals, as they have all the necessary information to reach out to prospects and later close. 

Equally, integrating Salesforce with other tools can provide customers with more personalized and timely experiences. This is because you have access to up-to-date customer information, allowing you to personalize communication and build a stronger relationship. 

User reviews

What do those who actually use this integration think? Below are some quotes from individuals about how the integration has worked for them:

This integration ecosystem helped us to create a unified view of customer interactions across different departments and leverage data from multiple sources to enhance the process and customer experience - Verified current user, G2
We use Outreach and HubSpot and the systems were able to seamlessly integrate, making everyone's lives much easier - Verified current user, G2

2. Chili Piper 

Chili Piper's integration with Hubspot makes booking meetings and getting demos easier than ever. This integration gives sales and marketing teams full visibility into the booking process for inbound meetings and more. 

What is Chili Piper?

Chili Piper is a scheduling software solution that helps companies to automate the appointment scheduling process. This includes features such as:

  • Instant booking
  • Calendar information
  • Set working hours with buffer times. 

How does Chili Piper integrate with HubSpot?

Chili Piper integrates natively with HubSpot, so reps can schedule meetings without ever leaving HubSpot. 

The two-way sync ensures there’s always access to the latest data, and new contracts are automatically captured while existing contacts are updated with the latest information. 

Benefits of integrating Chili Piper with HubSpot

Streamlining the appointment scheduling process saves sales teams time and enables them to close deals faster. 

It also ensures that this process is documented in full, as all meetings and contacts are automatically logged and updated in HubSpot. This increases data accuracy, which means prospects can receive the best outreach possible as well as tailored scheduling. 

User reviews

This integration is well-loved among salespeople with reviews stating: 

The seamlessness between Hubspot/Salesforce with Chili Piper allows the form capture to happen at both ends and eliminates an additional form capture - Verified Chili Piper user, G2 review

3. ZoomInfo Engage 

Make sure your leads are of the highest possible quality with ZoomInfo and Hubspots native integration. This lead enrichment tool helps sales teams to source and verify data quickly and this data is then passed into HubSpot CRM and is ready to use. 

What is Zoominfo?

ZoomInfo is a market intelligence tool designed to help sales teams find accurate and actionable contact information, as well as business insights. 

The platform can help you find accurate information on business profiles, email addresses, direct dials and more. Reaching the right people, at the right companies is key for sales, marketing and recruitment professionals. 

How does ZoomInfo integrate with HubSpot?

Connecting ZoomInfo with HubSpot allows you to leverage the field mapping options into your HubSpot properties, enrich your contacts automatically and enrich company profiles. This data is automatically populated in HubSpot by ZoomInfo to create stronger, more accurate leads. 

The integration is two ways, so users can also export company and contact objects from HubSpot, and use that data to filter while working in ZoomInfo.

Benefits of integrating ZoomInfo with HubSpo

The integration primarily helps to enrich your data and create stronger leads. By enriching your contact and account data, and improving outreach and targeting, you can close more deals. 

It also means that data is kept clean and searchable, helping keep track of what exactly is driving revenue. 

User reviews

The feature I find most useful in ZoomInfo SalesOS is the automated data transfer to our CRM system. This allows me to easily update and synchronise contact information with HubSpot - Verified ZoomInfo user, G2 review
The most valuable feature of ZoomInfo SalesOS for me is the ability to send data directly to our customer relationship management (CRM) system, such as HubSpot - Verified ZoomInfo user, G2 review

4. Juro 

Closing deals is at the core of a salesperson’s role, so why not close them faster with Juro? The all-in-one contract management platform integrates with HubSpot to make the process of creating, negotiating, signing and managing sales contracts more efficient. 

What is Juro? 

Juro is an AI-enabled contract automation platform that covers the entire process, from creation to signing, up to ten times faster than traditional tools. Users can automate the contract management process, empowering them to draft, negotiate, track, review, store and sign contracts all in one place. 

How does Juro integrate with HubSpot?

Juro and HubSpot integrate in a number of ways. 

There is no reason to rely on legal to send a simple contract anymore, and by using this integration Juro users in sales teams can send watertight contracts directly from HubSpot. This also means that legal and sales can work within the systems they find most useful, creating greater harmony. 

After reaching this stage, you can get real-time updates in HubSpot as your contracts are drafted, approved, negotiated and signed. 

The integration also syncs data between the two platforms in seconds, meaning that any changes made to a contract by legal are automatically updated in HubSpot 

Benefits of integrating Juro with HubSpot 

Integrating Juro helps legal to enable sales, rather than slow them down. By allowing sales reps to self-serve on contracts deals can be closed faster and with less admin time. 

Sales teams moving faster on deals equals higher revenue. With Juro, this can be done within a CRM like HubSpot so nobody has to move from a platform they are comfortable in. 

User reviews 

Don’t just take it from us, take it from our users who actively use the HubSpot integration. Below are some quotes explaining how the integration has transformed their sales process: 

Sales has gone from using three tools - a shared drive, emails, PDFs, and involving the legal team - to having one tool for everything - Callum Hamlett, Senior Revenue Operations Analyst at Paddle
Their Hubspot integration is great and makes generating order forms from within an opportunity a breeze. I'm very glad we switched - Verified Juro user, G2 review

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5. Gmail 

Email plays a crucial role in nurturing leads and follow-ups - both essential aspects of the sales process. For those who use Gmail and HubSpot, having an integration can speed up processes and remove unnecessary steps. 

What is Gmail? 

Gmail is the email element of Google Workspace, the platform that brings together Google’s suite of products and services aimed at businesses. It allows companies to set up domain-based email addresses, access calendars and create group mailing lists such as

How does Gmail integrate with HubSpot?

The integration itself is fairly simple, by linking Gmail to HubSpot, users can: 

  • Log emails sunny from Gmail in HubSpot
  • Track open and click-through rates in real time
  • Get direct access to templates, sequences, meetings and more

The integration is two-way, meaning you can keep track of your sales productivity features such as templates and meetings in your inbox and log emails sent from Gmail in HubSpot.

Emails sent from HubSpot will appear in your sent folder in Gmail too, making it easier to keep track of deals and close faster. 

Benefits of integrating Gmail with HubSpot 

The clearest benefit of this integration is that it saves time. Sales reps do not need to switch between HubSpot and Gmail to track the status of contacts in the pipeline. 

The integration also extends into calendar invites, which means that users can arrange meetings with prospects in either Gmail or HubSpot. This centralises the meeting process making it more traceable, simple and streamlined. 

Email/CRM integration ensures that you don’t lose touch with prospects and can easily craft perfect email follow-ups. Logging and tracking send and open rates means you can see who is most engaged with your content and helps you target the right prospects. 

User reviews 

The integration is honestly seamless. Having visibility into our team's communication with our clients is priceless, templates, and meeting links directly in my inbox is a huge value add - HubSpot/Gmail integration user, HubSpot 

6. Slack

Slack’s integration with HubSpot is simple - it makes it easier to communicate what’s happening in a deal to the wider team. 

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication tool that provides a platform for real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with other software tools. It's designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face.

How does Slack integrate with HubSpot?

Slack is a communication platform, which means the greatest strength of this integration is how it transforms communication with HubSpot. This ranges from: 

  • Creating tasks in HubSpot from Slack
  • Converting a message into a note from Slack 
  • Receiving key HubSpot notifications in Slack (mentions, form submissions, etc)

In addition, salespeople can also associate HubSpot deals and companies with Slack channels, helping keep everybody up to speed on a deal. Users can also create and search for deals within Slack and share reports and dashboards directly. 

Benefits of integrating Slack with HubSpot 

The integration of HubSpot into Slack means streamlined communication about HubSpot data, without having to switch between platforms. 

Real-time updates, deal tracking, reminders and dashboards are all in one place, meaning your team is on the same page. This leads to stronger communication, collaboration and increased productivity. For a fast-moving sales function, this is key to success. 

User reviews

In Inbound Sales, the integration it has with HubSpot has helped us a lot since we send sales teams automated notifications each time a prospect is assigned - Verified Slack/HubSpot user, G2 review
I have Slack integrated with HubSpot which allows me to follow our sales funnel with each customer. It also allows me to use live chat on our website and speak with potential clients and employees - Verified Slack/HubSpot user, G2 review

7. is a Work OS, meaning that its main aim is to empower teams to run projects and workflows smarter. Despite its similarity to HubSpot, the platforms do differ and specifically excels in automating sales workflows, streamlining lead management and improving the sales process.

What is is a Work OS and CRM platform focused on creating personalized workflows that align with specific business needs. 

The platform exists to centralize work processes, tools and files into one platform. Connecting teams, bridging silos and maintaining one source of knowledge for the whole organization helps to streamline for maximum productivity. 

How does integrate with HubSpot?

This integration allows users to see all your leads, contacts and companies managed in HubSpot on The integration aims to have the whole team collaborating, managing and building from one single hub. 

Users can also manage frontline and back office operations and connect customers from HubSpot to to collaborate with the rest of the company on project delivery, customer onboarding, accounting and more.

Benefits of integrating with HubSpot 

The main benefit of this integration is how it streamlines how teams communicate information. For busy sales reps, communicating how you track and manage deals is a huge timesaver. 

This means that everyone is aligned and focused on the same goal by managing your data and processes in one place. 

User reviews

Reporting and automation is excellent. Linking to other apps like Slack and HubSpot has increased project completion and allows for a better top-down look than previous programs - Verified user, G2 review
Some of the integration features with Hubspot are a little tricky to set up - Verified user, G2 review

8. Calendly

Calandly is one of the most popular applications for scheduling meetings. The Calendly integration with HubSpot automatically updates the sales CRM whenever a contact or invitee interacts with a Calendly meeting. This enables teams to increase the speed of sales and close more deals. 

What is Calendly? 

Calendly is a scheduling tool that allows you to highlight your free periods and share the details with another person. Calendly creates a smoother workflow by automating tasks such as appointment booking and rescheduling. 

This eliminates the need for the usual back-and-forth emails and messages involved in booking successful meetings. 

How does Calendly integrate with HubSpot?

The main feature of this integration is the ability to see updates on scheduled meetings directly in HubSpot.  

The integration also allows users to do the following: 

  • Enable instant scheduling from your website
  • Embed Calendly on your HubSpot website
  • Use Calendly scheduling links in HubSpot emails
  • Create leads, contacts, and activities in HubSpot when a meeting is scheduled
  • Update in HubSpot when a meeting is rescheduled or cancelled
  • Track and measure activity from Calendly in HubSpot

Benefits of integrating Calendly with HubSpot 

The primary benefit of this integration is the ability to capture a lead’s attention and schedule a meeting straight away. By engaging with your strongest leads in real-time, you’re more likely to close out deals and convert people. 

Sales reps will be automatically updated as a meeting is scheduled, so they can be reported on or mapped to other fields through HubSpot workflows. It also enables you to create and update contracts and activity logs as leads schedule meetings. 

The Calendy Routing feature also adds routing logic to each form field to determine which leads should meet with reps, increasing the chance of a strong lead. 

User reviews

I use a few integrations. Hubspot is awesome, helping me to keep new people I meet in sync with my CRM - Verified Calendly user, G2 review
Offers the possibility to let the user pick a time from your calendar. Directly integrated with Google Calendar and HubSpot - Verified Calendly user, G2 review

9. Gong

In order to improve, sales reps are always looking for ways to reflect. Gong’s sales and revenue intelligence platform hosts a huge wealth of data to help reps see what’s working and what’s not. By integrating Gong with HubSpot you can access this data within the HubSpot CRM. 

What is Gong? 

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that captures a comprehensive set of customer interactions including:

  • video calls;
  • phone calls; and
  • emails. 

Gong allows sales reps to look at which tactics are working, how to improve performance and close more deals. 

How does Gong integrate with HubSpot? 

Gong’s integration with HubSpot allows users to have streamlined visibility into deals from within HubSpot. 

Pushing calls into HubSpot allows you to view all call activities and highlights directly from HubSpot. Call highlights, URL to recording and participant information all appear under a new meeting in HubSpot linked directly to a company, deal and contact. 

Currently, the integration is only one-way, but is rumoured to be improved soon. 

Benefits of integrating Gong with HubSpot 

The integration helps sales reps improve and take accountability for the sales pipeline. By providing insight into customer interactions, sales are able to improve their approach to prospects without having to switch between tools constantly. 

User reviews

Best sales coaching tool (with Hubspot) that I have ever used. If you lead a sales team, and you want it to be 10x better, use Gong - Verified Gong user, G2 review
I love the ease of use with the integration into HubSpot as it helps keep everything organized and easy to access - Verified Gong user, HubSpot review 

How do you know which HubSpot integrations suit your sales team?

You can only integrate HubSpot with other platforms for which you possess licenses and find work within your sales function. For instance, you wouldn't be able to link HubSpot with unless you have an active account you use regularly. 

You need to consider which software solutions would most benefit your sales team in a broader context when looking at HubSpot integrations, not just what works for others. 

If your team's internal discussions about deals need enhancement, perhaps integrating with Slack should be on your radar or if you need to assess performance within calls, why not try Gong? 

Of course, if your sales contract process is causing delays in the sales cycle, a contract management platform like Juro could be the solution.

To learn more about how Juro integrates with HubSpot and accelerates sales cycles, fill out the form below to book a demo. 

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