How to manage contracts in Box

May 16, 2023
Discover how to streamline contract management processes and storage by integrating Box with Juro. 

What is Box?

Box is a content management platform that enables organizations to store, view, collaborate on and share various files.

Like Dropbox, Box’s storage system is cloud-based, enabling businesses to move away from local servers and hard drives. This makes it a great option for teams that want a single source of truth for their files and the ability to quickly find and access important documents, including business contracts

But Box isn't a contract management solution. While Box has its own eSigning tool (Box Sign), it wasn’t designed to manage contracts from start to finish. 

Instead, businesses should use an all-in-one contract tool like Juro to manage their contracts, and an integration that automatically uploads these contracts to Box for company-wide visibility into contracts

But how does this work, and where should you start? Keep reading to find out. 

How to manage contracts in Box

Juro’s all-in-one contract management platform enables businesses to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace

Rather than using several different tools to get contracts over the line, Juro replaces Microsoft Word, emails, shared drives and eSigning tools by bringing this functionality into one browser-based platform. 

Juro also has a secure and data-rich contract repository that makes contracts fully searchable, meaning there’s often no need to upload contracts to shared drives. Instead, the contract metadata is captured accurately in a clean and intuitive contract dashboard, with table views and OCR search functionality to make finding contracts even easier.   

But what if Box is the single source of truth for documents in your business? For many organizations, having copies of a contract uploaded to Box is non-negotiable - even if they are stored securely in Juro already. 

If this is the case, you’ll need a fast and efficient way to upload documents to Box, and a guarantee that they’ll always be stored there. This can be achieved through Juro’s integration with Box, which is available through Zapier

With Juro’s Box integration, teams can create, review, approve, negotiate, sign and store contracts in Juro, with copies of the contract automatically uploaded to Box when they reach certain milestones, like contracts being fully signed

All you have to do is set up a trigger for the file to be uploaded when a certain ‘event’ happens to a contract. This can be anything from a contract being created to it being fully signed by the parties. 

These triggers are fully customizable, allowing you to decide exactly when you want contracts uploaded to Box without having to add each one manually. This means less routine contract admin and more time free time to spend on higher-value tasks. 

To find out more about this workflow and how Juro can streamline your contracting process, hit the button below. Otherwise, read on to find out more about the benefits of connecting Juro and Box. 

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Benefits of integrating Box and Juro 

Businesses that adopt Juro’s all-in-one contract management software benefit from faster, more efficient contract processes and can agree contracts up to ten times faster. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail now. 

Flexible, streamlined contract workflows 

One of the biggest benefits of integrating Box with Juro is that it enables you to streamline the contracting process and work in just one workspace, rather than jumping between up to five different tools. 

Juro users can generate, review, approve, negotiate, sign, store and report on contracts, all without leaving the platform. They don’t even need to move into Box to manually upload their contracts because this workflow is automated, meaning contracts are uploaded to Box by default. 

In fact, businesses can safely automate up to 75 per cent of routine contract admin tasks with Juro, enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Instant visibility into contracts and their data

When Box is used as a standalone contract storage solution, you miss out on the opportunity to capture all of the data stored within those contracts. This is because contracts uploaded to Box are usually static files. 

But if you use Juro to create and manage your contracts, all of this data is captured by default, making contracts fully searchable from the moment they’re created. 

This means that you have instant visibility into your contract data, with the ability to run real-time reports and even set automated contract reminders for key dates.

If you’re interested in integrating Box with a contract management system like Juro, or you just want a more efficient workflow, fill in the form below to speak to one of our specialists. 

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