How to manage contracts in Workable

November 18, 2022

Workable is a popular applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to make hiring new employees more efficient. But how can businesses use Workable to make sure contracts don’t become a blocker when making new hires? Let’s find out. 

What is Workable? 

Workable is a leading recruitment tool that helps businesses to track applicants and manage candidate relationships more efficiently. 

Workable is a great option for fast-growing companies that need to scale their hiring processes without scaling headcount. This is because the tool offers the features HR teams need to nurture candidates in bulk without sacrificing the personal touch that candidates love. 

But can it do the same for HR contracts like job offer letters, option agreements, and employment contracts? Let’s find out. 

How do hiring teams usually manage contracts?

HR contracts are simple documents that often become complicated due to lengthy and inefficient contracting processes. 

When a hiring manager decides to send out an offer letter or an employment contract, they draft the agreement in an editor like Microsoft Word. 

Rather than drafting it from scratch, most teams will copy, paste and edit an existing contract template to choose the most appropriate terms. They then copy and paste the data from an applicant tracking system like Workable to populate the contract with the candidate’s information and the details of the offer. 

Once this is done, the contract is shared internally for contract review and approval. This is usually done via email, where HR contracts can sit for some time before they’re noticed. 

Next, the contract is sent out to the candidate for signing. If the candidate wants to negotiate any terms in their contract, they’ll request these changes via email or by redlining the contract in Word. This back and forth will continue until all parties are happy with the finalized terms. 

Then it’s time to sign the contract. This can be done by scanning a signature, signing in wet ink, or using an electronic signature tool

Post-signature, the HR teams will save a PDF copy of the HR contract into a shared drive and manually record any of the information in a contract management spreadsheet and in a candidate nurture tool like Workable. 

There are a few problems with this process:

  1. Too many tools. It involves jumping between multiple different tools to manage a contract. This creates friction in the contract workflow and slows hiring cycles down.
  1. Too much contract admin. Creating and managing HR contracts involve a lot of manual contract admin, particularly when it comes to data entry and extraction. This admin work takes teams away from higher-value work.
  1. No control over contracts. Since the process is spread across multiple different tools, there’s no visibility into contracts, or what goes into them. This can result in increased contract risk

These three things mean that the manual contract workflow doesn’t scale for hiring teams in businesses that are experiencing growth. 

Fortunately, there’s a way hiring teams can automate their contracts in Workable, and at scale. Let’s explore how. 

Is it possible to automate HR contracts in Workable?

HR teams that use Workable can automate their HR contracts by integrating the software with a contract management system like Juro. 

This enables them to automate routine contract admin and generate contracts at scale - without needing to increase headcount.  

Let’s explore exactly how this works, and how it can enable HR teams to manage contracts more efficiently. 

How to manage contracts in Workable

Integrating Workable with a contract automation tool like Juro enables HR teams to automate the creation of contracts

This can be achieved through Zapier by setting up a trigger so that a contract is created automatically when a candidate progresses to a certain stage of the hiring process. This means that, if a company has moved a candidate to the ‘offer stage’ in Workable, a contract or offer letter will be created for them automatically, with no manual drafting or admin. 

The integration will also pull all of the candidate’s data from Workable into Juro to populate the contract, as well as any details about the offer being made. This means that everything from the employee’s ID number, full name, home address, salary, and other details will appear in the relevant areas of the contract. 

By doing this, Workable’s integration with Juro removes the need for HR teams to manually extract this data from Workable and paste it into a contract template.

Best of all, this can be done in a matter of seconds, and without leaving the Workable platform. 

These contracts can then be negotiated, approved, and then signed electronically in-browser, ready to be stored in Juro’s contract repository where they are quick and easy to query.

Benefits of Workable contract management 

As we just mentioned, managing contracts in Workable through Juro makes the hiring process faster and more efficient. But there are also a few other benefits of managing contracts in this way. These benefits include:

  • More control over contracts. Rather than letting HR teams have free rein when it comes to drafting employment contracts, Juro’s automated templates are pre-defined by legal. This makes it easy for legal to control which clauses appear in contracts without having to create them themselves. 
  • No more jumping between tools. It can take up to five different tools to manage a HR contract manually. Integrating Juro and Workable enables HR teams to create contracts within Workable, with no more jumping between tools. 
  • Faster hiring cycles. Juro’s integration with Workable removes the friction involved in contract creation and makes it quicker and easier to send offers out to successful candidates. Not only does this mean shorter hiring cycles, but it also means a better candidate experience. 
  • Contract workflow that scales with you. By automating the contract admin involved with hiring, Juro’s integration with Workable empowers your business to keep growing and hiring without any blockers or bottlenecks slowing you down. HR teams can focus on hiring, not chasing contracts. 

Automate contracts by integrating Workable with Juro 

Are you looking for an efficient and repeatable way to create HR contracts at scale? 

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