A guide to the best HubSpot eSignature integrations

December 6, 2023
Integrating an eSignature tool with your CRM is one of the best ways to automate your sales process. 

Creating a more streamlined, customer-focused user experience will help you to close more deals and faster, whether you're in a small business or an enterprise-level organization. 

This article is a deep dive into how you can integrate eSignature with one of the most popular CRM platforms, helping legal and sales teams streamline the contract management process without leaving the systems they love.

What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot is the second-largest CRM tool by market share, with roughly 35 per cent, according to latest estimates. The platform is made up of various ‘hubs’ including marketing, sales, and customer service-focused hubs. These are pulled together in one unified workspace, HubSpot CRM. 

Most commonly, sales teams use HubSpot to streamline sales cycles and track the lifecycle of deals, from when a lead enters the pipeline right through to when the deal gets closed. 

For marketing teams, a CRM can help people engage and convert leads with campaigns across various channels. As well as measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with powerful built-in reporting tools.

But to close a deal, you’ll need to sign a contract, which means securing that all-important signature. To do this, you need to have the right eSignature tool in place with your CRM. 

Why should you integrate an eSignature tool with HubSpot?

Enabling eSignature functionality in HubSpot makes it easy to manage or create new templates within your HubSpot interface. You can then adjust your data merge settings and embed legally binding, ESIGN- and UETA-compliant eSignatures within your documents.

To eSign in HubSpot, you’ll need to pick an eSignature tool to integrate with the platform. Some of these will offer paid options, while others will be free.

What are the benefits of eSignatures in HubSpot?

There are several benefits to using eSignature, not least the time saved by doing so. Below we’ve listed some of the main benefits of integrating eSignature tools with HubSpot CRM. 

  • Time saving. Not only are eSignatures much faster than handwritten ones, but integrating means you don’t even have to leave your CRM to sign a document. You can also deliver documents digitally over email or a file-sharing service, which saves time.

  • Keep documents secure. There are a few limitations and some provide extensive authentication and security features. Most eSignature software will ensure your documents are signed safely and stored securely, within your CRM so you don’t have to keep track of multiple locations. 
  • Track signatures. There are often situations when several people need to sign a document, this can make it difficult to see the progress of a contract or deal. Integrating eSignature into HubSpot means you can track and manage signatures within your CRM, keeping this process simple.
  • Manage deals in real time. HubSpot has electronic doc analytics that shows you in real-time when your recipient opens, views or completes your doc. This means you can evaluate how long somebody spent analyzing certain pages of your doc and discuss any concerns they might have that could delay a deal from going through. 

Common uses for eSignature in HubSpot

With many sales and marketing teams choosing HubSpot as their CRM, it makes sense to have a way of signing contracts within the platform. But what are the most common use cases for eSignature in HubSpot? 

1. Sales contracts

Perhaps the most obvious use case for eSignature in HubSpot is for sales contracts. Adding an eSignature tool to HubSpot allows sales teams to manage and track all documentation related to a sale with ease.

Processing the elements of a legal document electronically is faster and more efficient, especially when you use an advanced eSignature tool. For example, integrating HubSpot with a contract lifecycle management tool like Juro means you can generate watertight contracts ready to be signed directly from HubSpot in just a few clicks. 

Regardless of whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, sales contracts are some of the most important contracts for businesses and HubSpot eSignature solutions help facilitate their contract completion.

2.  Non-disclosure agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are commonly used to protect a company when engaging outside resources, like when booking a demo of a new software. Using an eSignature through HubSpot means businesses can have a compliant audit trail to ensure each NDA is completed in a timely and auditable manner.

If your business needs to send out, manage and sign NDAs at scale, why not use our free Non-Disclosure Agreement template to streamline the process?

3. Signing Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) 

A DPA is a contract that determines the rights and obligations of the parties involved in data processing. Data processing refers to any manner in which data is collected, translated, communicated and classified. 

The importance of this agreement cannot be understated, companies must keep it safe and secure to ensure they are compliant. Using a solution like HubSpot eSignature to sign and store the document directly within your CMS is inherently more secure. Tracking and managing this signature is also important, and by integrating an eSignature process, you can access the contract from any device, at any time. 

4. Service requests and orders

A service request is a formal request for service from an employee, customer or vendor. For example, this could be in the form of a vendor agreement or a master services agreement. Service agreements tend to touch stakeholders across the whole business, from salespeople to legal counsel.

Adding eSignature capabilities to HubSpot to change documentation can help the business avoid delays and costly cycle times. It also ensures that requests are clear and have a sign off to ensure there are no disputes over terms. Again, storing these in one unified workspace makes them easier to track and manage. 

The five best eSignature integrations for HubSpot 

1. Juro 

Unlike the majority of HubSpot eSignature integrations, Juro is an all-in-one contract management platform. This means that it doesn’t just sign documents. Instead, users can create, review, negotiate, manage, and renew contracts in one workspace, essential features for legal teams. 

Users can not only increase efficiency at the point of signing but manage contracts more efficiently throughout the entire contract lifecycle. Juro has numerous features that integrate with HubSpot, from a rich-text editor to approval workflows and in-depth contract analytics. 

Juro’s integration with HubSpot allows users to:

  • Generate a contract directly from a deal, contact, or company record in HubSpot
  • Give stakeholders full visibility of a contract status within HubSpot 
  • Sync data between systems to ensure there is no margin for error 
  • Juro’s native Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) means you don’t need a separate solution for signing
  • A link between contracts and deals in HubSpot, improving post-signature hygiene

The integration between the platforms syncs data in seconds, meaning any changes made to the contract (not just the signature) are automatically updated in HubSpot. Check out what Callum Hamlett, Senior Revenue Operations Analyst at Paddle had to say about Juro’s integration with HubSpot: 

Sales have gone from using three tools - a shared drive, emails, PDFs, and involving the legal team - to having one tool for everything - Callum Hamlett, Senior Revenue Operations Analyst at Paddle

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2. Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign for HubSpot is one of the more popular integrations available for HubSpot users. It is also one of the higher functioning eSignature integrations the platform offers, as Dropbox Sign for HubSpot allows users to:

  • Send a contract from contact, deal, and company properties
  • Send one-time documents out for signature in just a few clicks
  • Create and save templates directly within HubSpot
  • Auto-fill data from HubSpot properties directly into templates
  • Track when a contact has viewed, opened or signed a contract in the HubSpot

This is a fairly advanced signing tool, which also makes it not the cheapest option on the market for a simple eSignature tool. For those looking to get more bang for your buck, it might be worth looking into a contract management platform with a more comprehensive set of features. 

3. DocuSign 

DocuSign is the largest electronic signature solution on the market, it allows businesses to prepare, sign and manage agreements online.

DocuSign’s integration with HubSpot enables teams to send, manage and sign documents without leaving their CRM. This allows users to sign and send contracts from within their CRM, effectively streamlining this process. 

What are the key features of this integration?

  • Send DocuSign envelopes directly from HubSpot
  • Track status without leaving HubSpot 
  • Trigger contract automation using information from Docusign 
  • Input HubSpot data directly into the Hubspot template 

Enabling teams to stay in the CRM rather than switching back and forth between different tools saves time and resources for small teams managing documents at scale. However, it is worth noting that you can’t sync information about contacts, companies, deals or documents between HubSpot and DocuSign. 

Unlike a contract management platform like Juro, with a two-way sync, documents can only be created and deleted in the DocuSign platform and not your HubSpot account. This may be worth keeping in mind if your business is processing lots of complex contracts. 

4. Signeasy

Signeasy, like the above, is a simple eSignature tool that aims to simplify contracts and accelerate sales by allowing documents to be signed within HubSpot.

This is a more cost-effective solution than some of the others mentioned above, making it a good option for small to mid-size businesses. It’s still a highly comprehensive eSignature tool to integrate with HubSpot. With Signeasy and HubSpot, users can: 

  • Save time by creating contracts from templates
  • Auto-fill contracts with HubSpot data 
  • Send automatic reminders to help close deals 
  • Organise contracts within HubSpot
  • Sign contracts within HubSpot CRM

This is a strong option for businesses growing their sales function as it is fairly lightweight. It is also an easy solution to manage and use for signatures, reducing implementation time. 

5. SignNow 

SignNow is the only eSignature tool on this list that does not yet have a native integration, meaning that the tools are integrated through a third-party tool - Zapier. 

The integration focuses on creating and editing payrolls, contracts, reports, and invoices and collecting data and electronic signatures from within HubSpot. Users will have to decide which elements of the signing process they would like to be integrated with HubSpot using Zapier, so you can automatically do things like request signatures, for example. 

SignNow is the most affordable option on this list, but also the simplest and it lacks a native integration. Business plans start at $20 per user per month when paid monthly, making it a pretty cheap option for some. 

Are you ready to manage your contracts better in HubSpot?

If you’re struggling with your current system and signing process, it might be time to move towards eSignature. 

Electronic signing is a standard offering in part of Juro’s end-to-end contract automation platform. We help you capture signatures through intuitive, mobile responsive signing flows, making contracts legally binding and delivering a great user experience for your most trusted stakeholders.

So if you want to extend the ROI of your CRM and automate your entire contract process, click below to get a demo.

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