HubSpot vs Which CRM should you choose in 2024?

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November 23, 2023
HubSpot Sales Hub and sales CRM are customer relationship management (CRM) tools praised for their friendly interfaces and strong integrations. But which would work best for your business? Read on to find out. and HubSpot have the same mission: to streamline sales processes, dive deeper into customer data and build stronger customer relationships. But they do this in different ways, despite the friendly UX of both. 

To help you discover which CRM could work best for you, we looked at how the platforms perform across eight different criteria:

  • Features 
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Accessibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

However, before we compare the two, let's take a look at what each platform does. 

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM has a range of cloud-based tools designed to increase a business's revenue. The platform is enhanced by its various hubs for sales, marketing and customer success. Since being founded in 2006, HubSpot has gained some significant customers including Reddit, Eventbrite and Juro

HubSpot sales pipeline

What is is a project management tool that has recently moved into the CRM space with its latest offering, monday sales CRM. The add-on was released in August 2022 and deals with lead and deal management, contact management, real-time sales dashboards and of course, project management. sales crm

HubSpot vs how do they compare? 

1. Features

HubSpot and both offer sales-first CRM solutions that allow users to track contacts as they move through the pipeline. 

However, unlike other HubSpot alternatives, specialises in workflow automation and making teamwork more accessible.’s sales CRM is presented as a fully customizable sales platform, meaning users can track deals, manage pipelines, centralize client communication and view important data on simple dashboards. This makes it an effective solution for teams that require a lightweight, easy-to-use sales CRM.

By comparison, HubSpot’s main value area is its combined sales and marketing functionality, making it an attractive option for GTM teams. HubSpot offers an advanced level of pipeline management that allows users to track deals, automate tasks and get insights on sales performance. 

While users can do this, it is a lighter-weight solution than HubSpot, particularly when it comes to customer communication. When it comes to this, isn’t built to be a communication system of record. It has basic email functionality but doesn’t offer any advanced marketing features. 

In contrast, HubSpot CRM offers email scheduling, tracking, open rates, reply tracking and templates. This makes it more suitable for marketing campaigns and keeping in touch with lower-intent contacts in the pipeline offers fewer features than HubSpot overall. While it's a great solution for smaller businesses, it may struggle when it comes to scaling and increasing the number of contracts you are managing. Below are some reviews from verified users that confirm this:

It is limited compared to dedicated CRM products. This is oriented around smaller organizations and simpler needs - Verified user, G2
As businesses grow, monday sales CRM may not be able to scale as effectively as some enterprise-level CRM solutions - Verified monday sales CRM user, G2

However, some other users are satisfied with the level of functionality, especially since the tool has a lower cost. 

It's the best option for us because we want as many functionalities in one program, but for a fair price - Verified monday sales CRM user, G2

In comparison, users are happy with the number of features offered by HubSpot but often complain about the additional cost of some: 

While HubSpot offers robust features in its base subscription, I find it disappointing that full access requires additional upgrades - Verified HubSpot Sales hub user, G2
Some find it a bit overwhelming due to all its features, especially if they're new to this kind of software. Plus, the cost can be a sticking point - Verified HubSpot Sales hub user, G2

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight option with friendly UX and reporting, the features offered by monday sales CRM will suit you well. If you’re looking to align sales and marketing with a more heavyweight multi-functional CRM, then HubSpot may be a better option.  

HubSpot email sequencing

2. Ease of use

Both HubSpot and are well known for their usability, but may be the one platform that outshines HubSpot when it comes to ease of use and intuitive design. 

According to G2, is an easier-to-use option scoring an above-average 9/10 compared to HubSpot's industry standard 8.6/10. users often share how easy the platform is to navigate and view their data, as seen in the reviews below:

Monday sales CRM stands out among CRM solutions due to its exceptional ease of use, powerful automation capabilities, and vibrant visual interface - Verified monday sales CRM user, G2
The ease of use is my favourite part! I can do so much in this program, and it has made my business life so much better - Verified monday sales CRM user, G2

HubSpot's interface is slightly less modern, but the tool itself has more moving parts. Despite this, users have commented that it usually offers a balance between functionality and ease of use, according to reviews:

I love all the data that our company now has access to as well as the ease of use in managing and setting up our pipeline and database - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2
The ease of use and the ability to customize Sales Hub without being a developer - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2

This means that, if you’re looking for a tool with a strong easy-to-use interface, both HubSpot and monday sales CRM are good choices. That said, if you require a more complex tool with a greater range of features, HubSpot might be a better fit.

3. Security and HubSpot are both fully accredited in the security measures you would expect for large cloud-based platforms. Both are CCPA, SOC II and III compliant, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This means they are both suitable for a variety of businesses and sizes. 

Both also offer further internal security measures like password expiration, multi-factor authentication and security alerts. 

Below are some reviews from users about the platform’s security measures: 

The app is underpinned by robust privacy and security practices that apply to both the system and its parent company - Verified user, G2 

Here’s what HubSpot users have to say about their security measures: 

HubSpot CRM helps us to manage our all databases and related information in one place with amazing security - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 

However, some users were frustrated by certain security measures, in particular the fact that users must log in again after a short period of inactivity. 

You need to log in again and again, some feature should be there to keep us logged in - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 

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4. Customization

Both platforms offer a high degree of customization for a more personalized and professional CRM experience. advertises its sales CRM as ‘fully customizable’, this means users can edit deal stages, add as many columns as they need and manage multiple pipelines at once. This functionality is especially useful for those with a more specific seller base. 

HubSpot customers can customize the content and layout of dashboards, depending on the user. For instance, marketing will only see data that directly correlates with attracting leads while sales teams will only see data that will help them close deals. 

Both are highly customizable and easy to use, meaning you do not need to rely on complex developer work to use a CRM that works for you. 

Below are some reviews from HubSpot customers about the tool’s customization options:

The new UI customization features allow teams to see only the data they care about and move through typical sales motions with ease - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2  

Although some users note:

A limitation is that the platform may not offer the same level of customization and flexibility as other solutions - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 

 G2 reviews from users also suggest that the platform’s customization options can be hit or miss:

What stands out for me are the customization options and the appealing visual design that provides - Verified user, G2
The only downside I could name is that is more of a "blank slate" to start and it takes some time to figure out the customization that works for you - Verified user, G2 

5. Integrations

HubSpot offers a lot more integrations than, with HubSpot integrating with more than 1000 different tools compared to Mondays’s 200+ integrations.

Monday does integrate with several different applications, though often through third-party integrations. These include Slack, Google applications and Meta applications. Overall, users seem happy with what monday offers in terms of integration, as the below suggests: 

One of Monday's strengths lies in its seamless integration with other popular tools - Verified user, G2 
Another advantage is the integration with major work tools such as Gmail and Slack - Verified user, G2 

However, some users did note that the integrations are limited and may require a tool like Zapier. While most of’s integrations work well for many businesses, a few important integrations are missing from the tool:

There is a learning curve with automation and some with integration as for many you have to use Zapier - Verified user, G2  
You can upload files but surprisingly, there is no direct integration with Google Drive - Verified user, G2 

HubSpot has a very strong marketplace of integrations, offering native integrations with the following popular platforms:

Hubspot users seem to be happy with the integrations offered by the platform: 

The integration of CRM and sales tools within a single platform has been a game-changer for us  - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 
I can use HubSpot's integrations with Gmail, Outlook, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and more to sync your data and activities across different platforms - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 

Despite users being (on the whole) happy with the integrations offers, HubSpot’s ability to integrate with thousands of businesses makes it a stronger choice. Especially for those who need to automate their customer management across both sales and marketing teams. 

For example, Juro integrates natively with HubSpot, whereas requires Zapier to connect to Juro currently.

monday deal dashboard

6. Accessibility 

The friendly UX of both platforms increases their accessibility, especially considering the data-led nature of sales CRMs. To assess this category, we considered two aspects of accessibility, first the platform itself and second the data within the platform. 

Here’s what users had to say about the accessibility of the platform:

Monday's accessibility across the organization ensures that everyone is in tune with the various projects - Verified user, G2  
With its easy-to-use interface and accessibility, it's much easier to keep track of tasks and keep everyone up to date on resources or status updates - Verified user, G2  

In comparison, HubSpot customers are also by and large happy with the accessibility of the platform, when asked what their favourite thing was about the platform they said: 

Quick accessibility of most important prospecting tools plus great UIX design - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 
The accessibility and flexibility of the platform, it very easy to modify according to our needs and it is something that we enjoy - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 

However, when it comes to data accessibility both platforms are recognised for their accessibility of data:

With just a few clicks, I can visually represent my sales data, which is essential for tracking performance and setting future goals - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2 
We deeply rely on the data we track in Monday, to coincide with all our other systems. The data allows us to make data-driven decisions - Verified user, G2   

Both platforms provide a level of accessibility that suits a majority of businesses, regardless of size. 

7. Pricing sales CRM is considerably cheaper than HubSpot across all plans. This makes it a more affordable alternative to Hubspot, particularly for smaller businesses with lower budgets. 

Plans start at £25.50 per month compared to HubSpot’s cheapest plan at £41 per month, making HubSpot a more expensive but still fairly affordable option. Both plan sets are fairly simple, offering basic to enterprise-level pricing plans.

Monday’s basic plan gives users access to the following:

  • Unlimited customizable pipelines
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited boards
  • Templates for lead, contact & deal management
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Create a dashboard based on 1 board

For £8.50 per user, this is a very low-priced option on the market. This is confirmed by independent reviews left by sales crm users on G2: 

It's the best option for us because we want as many functionalities in one program, but for a fair price - Verified user, G2
The UI and responsiveness of the website are much better than other providers in the same price range - Verified user, G2   

HubSpot’s pricing is reportedly more complex and can get quite expensive when you take into consideration the add-ons necessary to access some features and increase customer support. 

This has led to some HubSpot customers expressing frustration at the hidden fees in their plans: 

While Hubspot Sales Hub offers different types of rate plans, certain people may find the price difference prohibitive, especially for smaller or new businesses that have limited funds - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2
The high price additions for adding extra features - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2

However, others are happy with the return on investment they see using the platform. 

The pricing is slightly high but as we have grown using Hubspot we can see the benefit of using the system and are now happy with the price - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2

Overall, is a more affordable solution for small businesses than HubSpot, but it also boasts fewer features. This is worth considering when comparing the two tools. 

HubSpot dashboard

8. Customer support 

HubSpot and sales crm are rated just 0.1 points apart on G2 for their quality of support. 

The industry standard for quality of support rating on G2 in this area is 8.6 out of 10, which HubSpot is also rated. Monday’s sales CRM is rated 0.1 higher than this with a score of 8.7 out of 10. This suggests that users of both are happy with their customer support. 

Here’s what users had to say about their customer support:

The 24 hour customer service feature is amazing - zoom calls with the help centre have ensured I set up my CRM to perfectly suit my business - Verified user, G2   
It's a little harder to dig into the more difficult issues, sometimes getting help from customer service can feel like a dead end unless there's an incentive to sell something on their end - Verified user, G2   

HubSpot reviews are similar, suggesting customers have a comparable experience when it comes to accessing support: 

When I do need to ask for help, the support folks are generally fast and efficient - Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2
Customer support could be a bit more prompt and timely in responding as they generally take a minimum of 4 business days to address the issue -  Verified HubSpot Sales Hub user, G2

HubSpot vs which is best overall?

HubSpot has been a key player in the CRM space for a long time but with new releases from competitors like, it's not the only option. In fact, for smaller businesses who want to focus on just building a reputable sales function and pipeline, monday could be the right choice. 

However, if your business is looking for a greater level of functionality HubSpot can connect sales, marketing, customer success and content management. The platform's Sales Hub creates greater visibility into the pipelines, helping growing sales organizations prospect smarter.

You know what your business is focussed on and what you value in a CRM, so bear all of the above in your decision-making. 

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