A guide to Slack contract management in 2024

May 12, 2023
Slack is the main mode of communication for many businesses. But what role does it play when it comes to contract collaboration, and is there a better way to manage your contracts via Slack? Let’s find out. 

What is Slack?

Slack is a popular cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform used by businesses that want to make communication between internal teams more efficient. 

Slack users can chat via channels organized by topics and projects, or message individuals privately through direct messaging chats. Businesses that use Slack can also share files and make calls through the platform. They can also connect it with various other platforms to automate routine admin tasks and increase productivity across the organization. 

One of the best examples of this is how Slack integrates with contract management platforms like Juro to streamline communication for contract-related tasks and keep teams in the loop about the status of a contract. 

How is Slack used in a manual contract workflow?

Slack is the main communication platform for many businesses, and it plays an important role in the contract process as a result. 

From notifying stakeholders about new comments to requesting legal’s approval on a contract, Slack is used to communicate which changes have been made to a contract, and what action is required. 

The problem is, this process tends to be a manual one. Contract owners have to constantly review contract drafts and emails, then move into Slack to manually notify stakeholders about any updates. 

Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s also an inefficient way to spend already limited resources. We all know that burying your teams in low-value admin prevents them from focusing on higher-value tasks, and manual Slack processes do just that. 

The biggest problem, however, is how much friction it creates for commercial teams that want to get contracts signed quickly. Manual updates will only be shared when the contract owner has free time, meaning comments and redlines can be left unanswered for days, sometimes even weeks. 

This prevents teams from being able to collaborate on contracts in real-time and draws out sales cycles and hiring processes. In some instances, it can even result in lost opportunities and candidates. 

Now imagine if all of this routine contract admin and communication could be automated, and notifications were shared in real-time…

Slack contract management: a better approach

Juro is a collaborative all-in-one contract management platform that integrates seamlessly with Slack to provide real-time contract updates and keep teams in the loop about contracts - with no manual admin work required. 

Rather than reviewing contracts frequently and providing updates in Slack manually, certain events in Juro will trigger a notification in the relevant Slack channel. These events could include a new comment left by a counterparty (as seen below), or a contract approval request.

Juro users can even set up a trigger so that the relevant channel is notified when a contract gets signed, allowing your teams to celebrate closing those big deals together. 

Not only does this give your teams back time to focus on higher-value tasks, but it also means no more switching between tools, increased contract visibility and the opportunity to get contracts agreed faster. 

To find out more about Juro’s integration with Slack, hit the button below to book a personalized demo. Otherwise, read on to find out how our customer, Funnel, uses our Slack integration to streamline legal review and collaboration. 

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Slack contract management: a case study

SaaS platform, Funnel, adopted this Slack contract management workflow and transformed the contract review process for their business using Juro. 

Describing their contract management process before they integrated Slack with Juro, Victoria Sörving, Head of Legal at Funnel said: 

We communicate in Slack, so that involved loads of downloads and uploads for each contract iteration. Looking back at the whole process, it was so time-consuming, boring, and repetitive - Victoria Sörving, Chief Legal Officer, Funnel

But with Juro’s Slack integration, Funnel set up automated workflows whereby data is pushed back and forth between the two tools, tying everything back to their central system of communication, Slack. Now, Funnel’s contract process looks like this:

  1. When the sales team creates a new contract in Juro, a bot sends legal a Slack notification to let them know about it. Sales then continue to work on the contract in Juro until it’s ready to be shared for review and approval. 
  1. When the sales team does send the contract for approval, a Slack notification is sent to the legal team automatically to let them know about the approval request. 
  1. A member of the legal team will then react to the Slack message with the 👀 emoji, which prompts the Slack bot to notify sales and let them know that legal is working on their request. The use of the emoji also triggers a separate Zapier integration that adds the task to legal’s Asana board automatically, too. 
  1. When the contract is approved and ready to be shared with the counterparty, legal approves and sends it for signing via Juro. 
Sales was always running from their part of the building to legal’s desk in the past, and this was challenging. Now they can ping the legal team, and any lawyer who responds to the request is responsible for resolving it  - Victoria Sörving, Chief Legal Officer, Funnel

To find out more about how Funnel uses Juro to streamline contract management and reduce legal contract reviews by 88 per cent, check out the case study.

If you want to see Juro’s integration with Slack in action and explore how it can benefit your business in more detail, fill in the form below. 

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