How to insert a signature in Excel

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April 19, 2023
Discover how to insert a signature in Excel in this Juro explainer. 

Most documents are signed in tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or PDF editors. However, there are some instances where you might need to add a signature to an Excel sheet, too. For example, you might need to sign off a budget.

This guide runs through three different ways to insert a signature in Excel. It’ll also explain a better, more efficient way to sign your contracts online in 2023. 

How to add a signature in Excel using the drawing tool

The first way to add an electronic signature in Excel is to draw one using the spreadsheet’s drawing tool. Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to do that:

1. First, open the spreadsheet that you want to sign and select ‘Draw’ in the header navigation. 

2. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a set of pens. Click on the black one and draw your signature in the box on the sheet. If you make any mistakes, you can use the eraser tool to remove the pen marks.

3. If your signature is too big, or in the wrong place, simply use the ‘Lasso Select’ tool and draw around the signature. This will group the drawing and allow you to move and resize it so that it fits in the signature box perfectly.

How to insert a signature in Excel using an image

You can also add a signature in Excel by inserting a photo of your signature into the signature box. This is also fairly easy. 

1. Open the spreadsheet you want to add a signature to. 

2. Choose ‘Insert’ from the header navigation bar and then click on the ‘Image’ icon (as shown below). This will open up a short menu of options. You can either select a photo from your photo folder, or from your downloads folder. In the screenshot below, we’re selecting an image from our downloads folder. 

3. This will take you to your downloads folder, where you will need to select the photograph or scanned signature you’d like to add to the Excel sheet. 

4. Once you’ve selected your image, it will appear in the spreadsheet. However, it will usually need moving and resizing to add it to the signature box. This process is shown in the screenshot below. 

How to insert a signature in Excel using an add-on

Alternatively, you can add a digital signature in excel by using one of the Microsoft add-ons. 

This involves purchasing and connecting a separate eSignature tool (like DocuSign or Adobe Sign), which will allow you to add an electronic signature to the Excel sheet. 

There are various electronic signature solutions available in the Microsoft marketplace, but you’ll need to pay for these separately in order to use them. 

Limitations of adding a signature in Excel

Businesses have stringent security requirements in 2023, and it’s unlikely that simply drawing your signature in an Excel sheet will offer the same peace of mind that a more sophisticated eSigning tool will. 

Unlike in Excel where the signature is just another visual element on the page, electronic signatures created in Juro have more credibility. 

Juro’s eSignatures are accompanied by a detailed audit trail documenting exactly who signed a contract, when they signed it, and where they signed it from (their IP address). 

This is crucial information when it comes to verifying that signatures are authentic and that they haven’t been tampered with. It also meets the strict requirements of eSignature laws across the world, including the eIDAS regulation and the ESIGN and UETA acts

Excel’s electronic signature features are also limited compared to those available in a tool like Juro. While Excel users can add a signature to their documents, they can’t do much more than that. 

Juro’s all-in-one platform enables your team to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace. This means that, alongside offering advanced features like automated signing reminders and sequential signer workflows, Juro users can streamline their entire contract workflow in the platform - from contract creation to storage and reporting

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