How to manage HR contracts in Greenhouse

March 24, 2022

Hiring is the exciting part of growth. But the more hires you make, the harder it becomes to manage applicants as they progress through the hiring cycle. Fortunately, with the right integrations in place, Greenhouse simplifies this by automating the entire process, from scheduling interviews to generating employment contracts. 

Discover how using Greenhouse to manage contracts can ease pain for legal and HR teams and deliver a better candidate experience in this post. 

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that seeks to streamline and automate hiring processes for fast-growing businesses. The software is one of the leading and fastest-growing talent acquisition solutions on the market, helping recruitment teams to share job postings, schedule interviews and manage candidate applications at scale. 

When combined with a contract automation platform like Juro, Greenhouse can automate the process of issuing offer letters and HR contracts for candidates too.

Why is managing HR contracts painful?

As a recruitment and talent acquisition lead, managing contracts for new hires can be a challenge.

Offer letters often need to be created and shared quickly to minimize the risk of candidates accepting roles elsewhere - especially in 2022’s competitive market. Changes to option agreements need to be actioned at scale, which can mean populating and signing hundreds of contracts manually. Negotiating the terms of an employment contract often happens over email, making it difficult to track changes and track the progress of hires. Worst of all, this data then needs to be entered manually into an ATS like Greenhouse for visibility, which isn’t an effective use of your team’s time.

This pain is only exacerbated in fast-growing businesses looking to increase the number of hires they’re making. As the number of HR contracts being created increases, so does the burden of admin required to finalize these agreements.

Without a more efficient way to create, negotiate, sign, manage and track HR contracts, these manual contract processes can get in the way of hiring, giving candidates a bad experience and blocking company growth. HR and talent teams can spend more time on contract admin and paperwork than on sourcing and interviewing the best candidates.

If this sounds like something you're familiar with, hit the button below to find out more about contract automation. But if you're interested in integrating your contract tools with Greenhouse, read on.

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Is it possible to automate HR contracts in Greenhouse?

Fortunately, there’s a much more efficient way to manage HR contracts. HR teams can integrate Greenhouse with their contract management system to automate these legal documents and reduce the time spent on contract admin. This can either be done through a direct integration or via Zapier.

All you need to do is authenticate your contract platform of choice (in our case, Juro) and choose one of the apps to set up as a trigger. This trigger will then be used to kick off an automated resulting action from the other app, with the data moving between the platforms seamlessly to create, send and store contracts and their data automatically. 

But what does this look like in practice? Let’s find out.

How to manage HR contracts in Greenhouse

By integrating Greenhouse with a contract tool like Juro, HR teams can create and manage HR contracts seamlessly.

To create a contract in Greenhouse, you simply open a candidate’s profile and set the relevant data associated with an offer or agreement, like the salary, commission, effective date and so on. The data in your ATS system automatically maps into data fields in your automated contract templates, enabling you to generate and populate your HR contracts in seconds, without ever having to leave Greenhouse.

Use fields in Greenhouse ...

You can also ensure that all of these contracts are personalised for individual candidates by setting up conditional logic based on the data contained within Greenhouse. This ensures that the contract only populates with relevant conditions and clauses, including bonuses, commission levels and termination clauses, rather than generic ones. 

... to populate your contract or offer letter in Juro.

Once your contracts have been generated, you can then send them out for eSignature or negotiation, either individually or in bulk. This can be triggered within Greenhouse and the contract negotiation and signing can happen in-browser in real-time. 

Once the candidate and your internal signatory have signed the contract, it gets saved automatically in Greenhouse, your GDrive (if connected) and your contract software of choice. In Juro, the contract gets saved in a data-rich contract repository where it becomes searchable and visible to all relevant parties. 

The benefits of Greenhouse contract management

  • Data you can rely on: When integrated with contract automation software, all of the contract data moves between the systems seamlessly. This provides a single source of truth for contract and candidate date whilst eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Faster time-to-hire: HR contracts progress faster when you automate and manage them in Greenhouse. This enables you to reduce time-to-hire and deliver a better candidate experience, making it easier to compete for the top talent
  • No more waiting for legal: By managing contracts in Greenhouse, talent teams no longer have to wait on legal to get contracts out to successful candidates. Instead, they can generate watertight HR contracts in seconds from a platform they know and love. 
  • Better visibility on blockers: Integrating your contract automation software with Greenhouse enables you to track the progress of employment contracts with ease. This is a fast and effective way to identify whether a contract has lost momentum and how recently a candidate has viewed it
  • Create beautifully designed HR contracts in seconds: Integrating your ATS with a contract tool like Juro enables you to automatically populate HR contracts in seconds, with candidate data taken directly from Greenhouse. 
  • Better candidate experience: Contracts generated in Greenhouse are populated quickly and accurately, and can be negotiated in-browser with ease. This improves the candidate experience significantly. 

Most of the hiring process can happen in Greenhouse, from interviewing candidates all the way through to onboarding them. By integrating Greenhouse with contract automation software like Juro, you add creating and managing your HR contracts to that list too. 

Juro’s Greenhouse integration enables you to supercharge your contract workflow and reduce the amount of time your hiring team spends moving between different platforms for contract creation and applicant management. 

Automate contracts by integrating Greenhouse with Juro

Want to join the businesses already delivering a world-class candidate experience and reducing their time to hire? Try integrating Greenhouse with Juro. 

Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform integrates with Greenhouse to enable HR teams to agree and manage HR contracts in one unified workspace.

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