How to manage contracts in Pipedrive

October 19, 2023
Sales teams spend most of their time in CRMs. It’s where all of their deals and contacts live.

But CRM systems aren’t designed to manage contracts, forcing sales teams to venture into multiple different tools to close deals and get contracts over the line. 

That is, unless they integrate Pipedrive with a contract management platform like Juro.

In this guide, you'll find out how sales reps can shorten sales cycles and remove blockers using Juro's integration with Pipedrive.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management platform that enables teams to monitor deals, streamline communications, and oversee the sales process.

Before we get into how sales reps can use Pipedrive more efficiently, let’s explore out what a manual workflow looks like for sales teams using Pipedrive.

Why is sales contract management painful for many businesses?

Sales contracts are at the heart of scaling businesses’ growth. The faster the company grows, the more contracts need to be managed.

The problem is, scaling companies often have lean legal teams, meaning inefficient contract processes can quickly create costly bottlenecks within a sales cycle. 

Within a traditional contract lifecycle, lawyers are tasked with first drafting the sales contracts. This typically happens in Microsoft Word using a pre-existing template, which is then populated manually by pasting the deal information found in sales databases like Pipedrive.

This process is repetitive and unscalable, but it also distracts legal teams from higher-value tasks. 

But the hard work doesn’t end there. Once drafted, the contract is shared internally for review, and later shared with counterparties for contract negotiation.

This back and forth usually happens over email, with versions sent back and forth and redlined in Word until all parties are satisfied with the terms included. 

Post-negotiation, parties typically move into yet another platform to get the contract signed. Once signed using electronic signature tools like DocuSign or AdobeSign, the contracts are saved as PDFs in shared drives where they often sit collecting dust until the next contract audit.

Switching between all of these different tools and entering contract data manually often results in costly delays for sales teams, making it challenging to capture revenue efficiently and close new business contracts.

The fragmented process also increases the risk of mistakes within contracts and loss of version control. 

Fortunately, Pipedrive users don’t have to manage contracts in this way. Instead, they can streamline the process using a tool like Juro. Let's run through how it works in practice.

How to manage contracts in Pipedrive 

Juro's integration with Pipedrive enables sales reps to automate contracts from Pipedrive by moving a deal from one stage to another.

When a deal progresses to a specific stage in Pipedrive, a contract is generated automatically in Juro using a pre-approved template.

Since Juro users map properties in Pipedrive to smartfields in their contract template, the data captured in their deal records moves seamlessly between the two platforms to populate the contract.

This enables reps to automate sales contracts in seconds, with no repetitive admin work required.

Sales reps will know when the contract has been created in Juro because there will be a notification in the deal history in Pipedrive with a link to it.

Reps can also receive contract updates within Pipedrive, with automated notifications shared in the CRM. This enables them to track the status of their contracts in real time and without leaving Pipedrive.

The benefits of managing contracts in Pipedrive

There are also a few more, specific benefits of managing contracts using Juro’s integration with Pipedrive. These include:

  • Greater data accuracy: Rather than relying on manual data extraction and entry processes, managing contracts in Pipedrive means contract data moves between the systems seamlessly, and without the need for human input
  • Faster sales cycles: Sales contracts can be created much faster when automated in Juro than they can in a traditional workflow. This helps to speed up the sales cycle and capture revenue quickly
  • No more waiting for legal: Sales teams often see legal teams as a blocker when getting contracts over the line. However, with conditional logic, teams can automate watertight sales contracts with terms that have been pre-approved by legal, rather than waiting around 
  • Enhanced version control: Switching between tools to manage contracts can result in poor version control. By integrating Juro with Pipedrive, sales teams no longer need to move between platforms as contracts progress through the lifecycle. Contract creation, review, negotiation, signing, and storage can all happen in one place
  • More time for higher-value work: By creating a seamless workflow and reducing contract admin for legal and sales teams, this integration frees up more time for these teams to work on higher-value projects

Automate sales contracts by integrating Pipedrive with Juro

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