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Scrive is the Nordic market leader for eSignature. But can it provide the functionality scaling businesses need throughout the contract lifecycle? Scroll down for a comparison, or hit the button to see for yourself.

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Scrive: basic eSignature 

Scrive is one of the most trusted eSignature providers on the market, with a strong presence in Nordic countries. The solution enables users to add legally-binding electronic signatures to agreements with ease. But is the product built to serve legal and business teams that manage contracts at scale?

This page explores the features, limitations and pricing of Scrive, comparing it to Juro's all-in-one contract automation platform.

Scrive limitations

Scrive is a Nordic eSignature provider that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the security and integrity of signed documents. 

Although Scrive’s reliance on blockchain technology distinguishes it from other eSignature providers, the product is still refined to provide a simple and effective way to sign contracts online - much like other eSignature tools.

This means that Scrive fails to provide the functionality legal and business teams in fast-growth businesses need not just to sign, but to create, edit, review, approve and track contracts at scale. For instance, Scrive users won’t have access to an in-platform editor or redlining technology to help streamline the contract negotiation process. 

Before a contract can even be uploaded to Scrive for signing, it will have required a great deal of manual work, as well as multiple other tools like Microsoft Word, PDF tools, email, and shared drives. This creates friction throughout the contract lifecycle, and it can result in delays to getting contracts over the line. 

But that isn’t the only weakness of Scrive. Scrive’s key limitations include: 

  • No rich-text editor: Scrive doesn’t provide the functionality required to create contracts and manage contracts, unlike Juro where users can create, edit, review and negotiate contracts in one unified workspace
  • Unstructured contract repository: Scrive’s current system of storing contracts doesn’t allow them to be categorized, queried or filtered, unlike Juro which offers smart storage and advanced search functionality  
  • UI requires improvement: numerous independent Scrive reviews criticize the newly updated UI, saying that the previous UI was considerably better

Juro benefits 

✍️ Rich-text editor designed for contracts

One of Juro’s biggest advantages is its unique, browser-based editor designed for contracts' which empowers legal and business teams to create beautifully designed contracts in seconds and at scale.

Since Scrive only delivers eSigning functionality, its users will need to rely on and pay for a separate tool to draft contracts, and then email these back and forth for editing. 

Juro eliminates this friction by enabling users to add an unlimited number of custom fields to contracts, set up conditional logic and make live edits to contracts. Not only that but Juro’s editor facilitates rich media, meaning you can personalize your documents and templates to create contracts that people actually want to sign. 

Empower commercial teams to self-serve on contracts in Juro

🌐 Negotiate contracts in real-time

Juro’s contract automation software also hosts a dynamic digital workspace where internal and external parties can collaborate on contracts in real-time. 

Using Juro’s advanced negotiation functionality, legal and business teams can leave comments on certain clauses and terms, make recommendations and control which edits are visible to external parties. 

Legal teams can also maintain control of the company’s contracts by setting up approval workflows, notifications and by implementing conditional logic. These features transform legal into an enabler, rather than a blocker. 

Collaborate on contracts in one dynamic workspace

📈 Powerful data analytics

Contracts created in Juro are built as structured data, meaning that users can quickly and easily query, evaluate, view and share the contract data that matters most for their business.

Whether it’s upcoming renewal dates, the cost per transaction or the status of certain contracts, Juro makes it simple to search for and extract data from your contract repository. 

Never miss a renewal date again with Juro's reminders

Scrive pricing

Scrive’s cheapest plan is their essentials plan, which is charged at €15 per user per month. This provides the basics required to sign documents online, but lacks access to custom branding and integrations, among other things. 

Their most popular plan - ‘standard’ - is charged at €30 per user per month. It includes access to Advanced (AES) and Qualified (QES) eSignature, but only for an additional cost. It’s unclear what this cost is, but the price can quickly increase for businesses that require more advanced electronic signature functionality. 

Scrive’s third and final plan is their Enterprise plan, which doesn’t have an advertised cost. It includes everything in the business and standard plan, but also includes access to Single sign-on and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Unfortunately, even Scrive’s most advanced plan doesn’t include most of the functionality required to manage contracts and streamline the contract lifecycle. Legal and business teams in scaling businesses will need to do more than just sign contracts.

If you need more than just eSignature, why not try Juro’s all-in-one contract automation software? Juro streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from start to finish, eliminating the need for extra tools and subscriptions. 

Juro offers flexible plans to suit any business, including a free plan. Head over to our pricing page to select a plan that's right for your business.

Scrive reviews

Read independent Scrive reviews 

Like Juro, Scrive is rated 4.8 out of 5 on G2. However, it’s worth noting that none of Scrive’s reviews are from lawyers, suggesting that the software is likely not best suited to in-house legal teams.  

Here are some verified Scrive reviews left from those in other industries and roles:

“The application does not come with real workflow functionalities nor the possibility to create advanced views/logics over documents”
“I would have liked more dashboards and data”
“New UX is disturbing. I liked the previous version for its simpleness”

Read independent Juro reviews 

Juro is rated 4.8 on Capterra and 4.8 on G2, as well as being rated 5 out of 5 for ease of use. This makes Juro the perfect solution for businesses that want to manage and sign contracts with ease, particularly since the majority of Juro’s reviews have been left by legal practitioners. 

Here are some verified reviews from our legal and business customers: 

“Juro’s platform has significantly improved the efficiency of our legal function and has enabled our legal team to spend more time focusing on high-value work”
“It has really helped us streamline our processes and save time. We have to produce a lot of contracts and we have a small team so really helps us when time is so precious”
“The whole platform is great, from creating templates to tracking the lifecycle of a contract agreement until it is signed”
“Easy to learn, intuitive GUI, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts”

Read more about users’ experience with Juro on G2 and Juro on Capterra, or head over to our case studies to find out more.

"Excellent contract management tool for scaling start-ups"

Juro completely lifted the burden off our legal team by empowering our Sales team to handle the majority of small business contracts from start to finish.

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"Juro's LegalTech is my go-to Contract and Document Management Solution"

The ease in which you can create contract templates, issue contracts, and simplify the journeys for commercial teams to raise contracts using smart fields.

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"The future is here!"

Easy to learn, intuitive GUI, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts.

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