HR contract management software: reduce time-to-hire by 75 per cent

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April 15, 2024
HR teams will be familiar with the feeling of being buried in routine contract admin work, and this pressure increases as their company continues to grow.

In this guide, we’ll explain how choosing the right HR contract management software can transform the way you manage employment contracts and reduce time-to-hire by up to 75 per cent.

We'll also explore how a contract tool like Juro can automate routine admin work and free up your time for higher-value work.

Why do HR teams need contract management software?

People and talent teams often find themselves buried in contract admin. Whether they’re drafting offer letters or manually amending hundreds of employment contracts, contract management can quickly become painful for HR teams managing lots of employees. 

Bottlenecks in the contract process don’t only impact your chances of securing great candidates, they also disrupt projects and deadlines across the rest of the business.

This is because projects and deadlines are often pushed to accommodate new hires, so drawn-out hiring cycles slow down progress on these deliverables. 

In fact, SHRM's latest survey revealed that the average time-to-hire is 41 days. When you add probation periods and onboarding programmes to this number, it can be months before you see tangible value from your new hires.

Fortunately, there’s a way to remove bottlenecks in the contract lifecycle and reduce time-to-hire. You can do this by adopting a HR contract management solution like Juro. 

How can HR contract management software reduce time-to-hire? 

HR contract management software provides various features that make contract workflows faster and more efficient for people and talent teams. Let's run through a few of these in detail now.

1. Generate HR contracts in a few clicks 

Firstly, CLM software can speed up the contract creation process for HR teams. This is because Juro’s automated contract templates allow users to generate contracts in seconds from the HRIS or ATS of their choice. 

By integrating HRIS and ATS platforms with contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools like Juro, HR professionals can initiate contracts for new hires and existing employees without leaving the platforms they know and love. Let’s use Juro’s integration with popular ATS, Greenhouse, as an example. 

When talent teams decide to make an offer to a successful candidate, they can generate an offer letter in Greenhouse. They simply select ‘Create offer’ in the candidate’s profile and populate any fields in the record that aren’t already, like the probation period, salary, notice period, and so on. 

From there, an offer letter or employment contract is created automatically in Juro using a pre-approved contract template. All of the offer and candidate data captured in Greenhouse is pulled into the appropriate fields in the contract automatically too, eliminating the need to populate the contract template manually. 

This is much faster than waiting for legal teams to draft the contracts and less risky than freestyling the contract drafting process yourself.

It was taking up to 15 minutes to create and send an offer letter. Now, with Juro, it takes two - David Swenton, Director of Business Ops, Cleo

To find out more about Juro’s integration with Greenhouse, check out this guide to managing contracts in Greenhouse, or hit the button below to book a personalized demo.

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2. Create, sign and manage contracts in bulk 

Contract lifecycle management software also enables HR teams to create, approve and sign contracts at scale using bulk actions

Teams that use Juro can sign hundreds of contracts in just a few clicks, for example.

They simply select the contracts they want to sign, click ‘Sign’ and draw their signature. The electronic signatures will then be added to all of the selected contracts automatically, eliminating the need to open and sign each contract individually. 

We completed two weeks of work in a day, thanks to Juro’s mass signing feature - Luke Hextall, Head of People Ops, GoPuff

This feature can also be used to send large volumes of contracts out for signing and approval, making Juro’s contract management platform perfect for HR teams with lots of employees and large contract volumes as it automates routine contract admin work and enables people and talent teams to return to higher-value work. 

3. Improve candidate experience 

HR contract management tools like Juro can also improve the experience candidates have during the hiring process. We often hear this to be the case, and there are a few reasons why. 

Firstly, Juro’s flexible editor was designed for contracts, enabling HR professionals to generate beautifully designed HR contracts, rather than plainly formatted ones. This matters because offer letters are one of the earliest opportunities to present your brand in a positive light. Contracts created in Juro do just that. 

Juro also reduces the amount of tools candidates have to use when reviewing the offer and signing their contract.

Rather than downloading a Word file from their email, saving it as a PDF, and uploading it to a separate eSigning tool, the candidate simply clicks on the link shared with them via email and signs the contract in Juro’s user-friendly platform. Quick and easy! 


4. Streamline contract negotiations 

The positive candidate experience we’ve just described extends to contract negotiations too. 

While many HR contracts aren’t negotiated, it’s not unusual for candidates to make requests and ask for terms to be revised. Without CLM software, this can be a drawn-out process with lots of back and forth and various tools. 

With Juro, the process looks completely different. Juro’s collaborative contract management platform enables teams to comment on, redline and approve contracts in one unified workspace. 

This enables hiring teams to discuss contract negotiations with candidates in real time, which contributes to a better candidate experience. 

The time saved jumping back and forth between numerous different tools also means that HR teams can reduce the time they spend negotiating contracts with candidates by up to 75 per cent. This means more time for higher-value work. 


Best contract management software for HR teams

There are plenty of contracting solutions on the market, but not all are a good fit for HR teams and use cases. 

HR teams need a contract management solution that’s easy to use and makes contracts accessible to candidates and HR professionals. This means that heavyweight legacy CLM solutions tend not to be a good fit because platforms require a lot of technical and legal expertise, which makes adoption difficult. 

Instead, HR teams should look for a modern contract management platform that simplifies the contract lifecycle, like Juro.

Juro is top-rated for ease of use and ease of setup on G2, with scores way above the industry average. Juro is also #1 rated by G2 for speed of implementation, so you can trust that you’d receive value from the tool quickly. 

HR teams should also look for a CLM solution that’s loved by people and talent teams in other businesses. Over 6000 companies already power their contracts with Juro, with the platform successfully reducing time-to-hire and reducing contract admin for HR teams just like yours. 


To find out more about how HR professionals are using Juro, check out the case studies below:

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