How to manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics

November 13, 2022
Want to manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics? Discover everything you need to know about managing contracts in Microsoft Dynamics in this guide.

Enterprise sales teams live in CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics. It’s where their deals are kept and their leads are nurtured.

But when it comes to closing deals and creating contracts, they find themselves pushed into different tools to get a deal over the line. 

But there’s a way for sales teams to create and manage contracts from Microsoft Dynamics in just a few clicks. Let’s find out how.

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management tool designed to streamline customer communications and manage deals.

The software stores data about different leads, customers, and deals and is used by sales teams to close deals and upsell faster. 

But Microsoft Dynamics can slow sales teams down when it comes to contracts. Rather than creating and managing contracts within the tool, sales teams are forced to jump between different platforms to agree contracts. In the short term, this is painful. In the long term, it doesn’t scale. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way for sales teams to create and manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics. You can do this by integrating Microsoft Dynamics with a contract management solution like Juro. 

But before we explore how this integration works and what it can do, let’s take a quick look at the manual process that most sales teams use - and why it’s painful. 

How do sales teams typically manage contracts?

Microsoft Dynamics is a great tool for enterprise businesses that need to manage their customer relationships. 

But sales teams that use it typically rely on several other tools to manage the contracting side of these relationships. This is because Microsoft Dynamics doesn’t have native contract management functionality

Instead, teams are forced to jump between multiple different tools to get a contract over the line. Contracts are:

  1. Drafted in Microsoft Word
  2. Shared via email
  3. Moved back to Word for redlining
  4. Signed electronically using an eSigning tool (e.g DocuSign or Adobe Sign)
  5. Stored in shared drives (usually as PDFs)

This is an inefficient way to manage contracts. Not only does moving between tools create friction, but it also slows down the sales cycle. 

Fortunately, there’s a better, more efficient way to manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics. Keep reading to find out how. 

Is it possible to manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics?

Sales teams can create and manage contracts within Microsoft Dynamics if they integrate the CRM with contract management software. 

Juro is one of the best contract tools to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. Juro can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics in minutes, with no code required. This is made possible through Zapier, which connects the two tools seamlessly. 

Let’s run through exactly how this integration works and how it can enable sales teams to reduce contract admin, speed up sales cycles and remove friction from their workflow now.

How to manage contracts in Microsoft Dynamics 

Firstly, Microsoft Dynamics’ integration with Juro enables sales teams to automate the creation of contracts when an opportunity is either created or updated in the CRM.

This means that a contract will be created automatically when leads reach a certain status in Microsoft Dynamics. 

The data stored within Microsoft Dynamics (e.g the party’s details, deal value, discounts etc) are then pulled into the template automatically to populate it. This removes the need for manual data entry and makes the contract creation process much faster. 

This benefits sales teams in three main ways:

  1. It means that they don’t have to reach out to legal via email to request a contract, or fill out a contract request form.
  1. It means that the contract is created automatically using a pre-approved template, so they don’t need to wait for legal teams to draft the contract from scratch.
  1. Sales teams don’t need to manually extract and paste data from Microsoft Dynamics into the contract template. This is pulled in automatically.

Users can also set up triggers in Zapier so that the records kept in Microsoft CRM are also updated automatically when a contract is executed

This makes it quick and easy to keep the rest of the team in the loop about where a contract is in its lifecycle and track its progress in real time. 

Put simply, the integration enables sales teams to self-serve confidently on contract creation without needing to leave their CRM. Since contracts and smartfields are pre-defined by legal teams, it also means that they can do so without increasing contract risk

Best of all, integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Juro means less contract admin. Rather than manually populating MSA templates and updating records in the CRM, all of this work is done automatically, and according to your preferences.

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