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Gatekeeper is a contract management platform that’s favored by procurement teams. But does it also provide the functionality and features that legal teams require in 2022? Scroll down for a comparison, or hit the button to see for yourself.

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Does Gatekeeper work for legal?

Gatekeeper is a popular contract management software among procurement teams and the company also offers a separate vendor management software, which shows Gatekeeper’s expertise in this area. 

However, this focus means that Gatekeeper can be a poor fit for in-house legal teams and the departments they enable as, unlike Juro, it wasn’t designed with legal teams in mind. 

But how does Gatekeeper compare to Juro? This page explores the various features, limitations, and pricing of Gatekeeper in comparison to Juro’s all-in-one contract automation software.

Gatekeeper limitations

Gatekeeper’s contract management software is tailored to suppliers and vendors, and so its features are focused on reducing risk within the procurement process.

The platform offers a wide range of features with these users in mind, like risk and event tracking and a birds-eye view of supplier performance, with details on spending, contracts and performance. 

Whilst the platform also has some contract lifecycle management specific features like redlining and electronic signature, these are more limited than those offered by an advanced contract automation software like Juro, where you can create, review, negotiate and sign contracts natively in one unified workspace. 

Instead, Gatekeeper relies heavily on Microsoft Word for many of its features, meaning that users still need to move between platforms to create a contract and get it over the line.

This means that many of the inefficiencies contract management software is designed to resolve still persist, often at the expense of legal’s time. 

Gatekeeper's key limitations include:

  • Lack of native features: Gatekeeper lacks the native functionality required for some of the most important stages of the contract lifecycle - contract generation and negotiation. Users have to redline and edit contracts in Word instead of in the platform
  • Lengthy implementation periods: reviews from users complain of lengthy implementation periods, saying that the software takes significantly longer to implement than expected, which prevents scaling businesses from getting to value quickly
  • Limited integrations: the integrations offered by Gatekeeper are extremely limited, and the platform doesn't integrate with mainstream apps like Zapier, Workday, Greenhouse and Gmail
  • Still requires manual work: Gatekeeper users still need to do a lot of manual work and lifting throughout a contract workflow. For instance, data extraction and contract reporting is extremely manual

When working in fast-growth businesses, visionary legal counsel and the business teams they enable need a contract tool that automates manual tasks and makes it easy to self-serve on contracts.

Juro’s contract automation software streamlines the contract process and empowers users to collaborate on contracts in one unified workspace. 

Let’s explore the various benefits of using Juro for your contracts, and how Juro’s unique, browser-native editor makes the end-to-end contracting process frictionless for users.

Juro benefits

✍️ Rich-text contract editor

Creating beautifully designed contracts couldn’t be more simple with Juro’s rich-text editor designed specifically for contracts.

With Juro, businesses can create contracts from scratch or use automated templates, with features like conditional logic and natural language Q&A to empower business teams to self-serve on contracts.

With Juro’s advanced editing functionality, users can also add rich media like images, tables and GIFs to make legal agreements more human.

Create beautifully designed contracts in seconds

🌐 Negotiate contracts in one unified workspace

Unlike Gatekeeper where contracts need to be moved into Microsoft Word in order to be redlined, contracts in Juro can be negotiated without ever needing to leave the platform. 

Juro’s negotiation features enable Juro users to hide internal comments from the counterparty, tag specific contract stakeholders in comments and flag specific contract terms with recommendations and questions in a comments section where points of friction can be negotiated with ease. 

Juro’s approval workflows also empower legal teams to maintain control over contracts without needing to monitor them continuously, which gives Juro users complete control over the entire contract process - from end to end.

Collaborate on contracts in real-time

📈 Track the contract metrics that matter most 

Not only does Juro offer one secure home for your contracts, but Juro’s data layer also lets users search and query contract data deeply.

Juro’s OCR and smart search functionality eliminates the need for manual data entry and extraction, meaning that users can quickly and easily find and track the contract metrics that matter most to their success. 

Since Juro’s contracts are built as structured data users can track everything from contract owners to contract value in seconds, with Juro’s contract repository functioning as a single source of truth for your company’s contracts. 

Use Juro's analytics tools to identify bottlenecks in your workflow

🔗 Integrates with 4,000+ apps 

Unlike Gatekeeper which has a very refined and limited set of integrations, Juro can be integrated with over 4,000 apps.

Juro’s most popular integrations include Salesforce, Zapier, Greenhouse, Workday and Google Suite to keep contracts connected with the platforms your business teams love to use most. 

Integrate your contracts with 4,000+ apps

Gatekeeper pricing

Gatekeeper has four different plans available for customers, with the cheapest plan starting at $875 per month.

They also have a Pro plan priced at $2,095 per month and an Enterprise plan that starts at $3,725 per month, making Gatekeeper one of the more expensive contract management solutions on the market, particularly for legal teams that don’t require the expensive procurement functionality. 

Gatekeeper also offers add-ons for their core plans, such as a vendor portal, employee portal and various modules. This can quickly become expensive for businesses that require extra functionality. 

Juro offers flexible plans to suit in-house legal teams in companies of all sizes. Check out our pricing page to select a plan that’s right for your business.

Gatekeeper reviews

Read independent Gatekeeper reviews

Gatekeeper has been rated 4.4 out of 5 on G2, with 39 reviews in total. This is considerably lower than Juro’s G2 rating of 4.7 out of 5 on G2.  

Here are some verified Gatekeeper reviews from independent sites:

“Unfortunately the manual upload of the contract data summaries has been time-consuming and difficult for our small legal team to ensure this is performed consistently”
“Manual labor is required for data extraction and reporting”
“Some parts can be non-configurable, requiring more complex workarounds”
“More work can be done on the UX to further minimise the steps required to log new contracts”

Read independent Juro reviews

Juro is rated 4.7 out of 5 on G2 and 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra, with no reviews below four stars. In contrast to Gatekeeper’s reviews, Juro’s user reviews compliment the software for being intuitive, time-saving and easy to navigate.

“Juro’s platform has significantly improved the efficiency of our legal function and has enabled our legal team to spend more time focusing on high-value work”
“The product is simple, easy to use and largely intuitive. The team is a delight to work with - they take time to get to know you and your particular challenges which you need Juro to solve”
“The integration of Juro into our team was seamless and straightforward. I use it daily and every functionality is so easy to use and just saves lots of time”

Read more about users’ experience with Juro on G2 and Juro on Capterra, or head over to our case studies to find out more.

"Excellent contract management tool for scaling start-ups"

Juro completely lifted the burden off our legal team by empowering our Sales team to handle the majority of small business contracts from start to finish.

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"Juro's LegalTech is my go-to Contract and Document Management Solution"

The ease in which you can create contract templates, issue contracts, and simplify the journeys for commercial teams to raise contracts using smart fields.

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"The future is here!"

Easy to learn, intuitive GUI, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts.

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