DocHub vs DocuSign: which is best for your business?

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March 10, 2023
DocHub and DocuSign provide a quick and easy way to get documents signed electronically. But which tool is best suited for your business, if any? Find out in this comparative guide. 

DocHub and DocuSign both offer a lot of the features businesses need to edit and sign documents online. But the tools each have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on your business and your use case.

To help you find the best tool for your needs, we’ve assessed which electronic signature solution performs better across eight different criteria, including:

  • Features 
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Device accessibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

But before we get into how the two tools compare, let’s begin with a brief overview of the platforms.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is the market-leading electronic signature tool, with customers in over 180 countries. The company was founded in 2003 and has since acquired plenty of high-profile customers including Santander, Virgin Money, Facebook, LinkedIn and Unilever. 

What is DocHub? 

DocHub is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create, edit and collaborate on PDFs online. It also offers a legally binding electronic signature feature, meaning users can sign their contracts online using the tool and replace wet ink signatures. The tool launched in 2014 and has millions of active users. 

DocuSign vs DocHub: how do they compare?

1. Features

DocuSign and DocHub both allow users to edit and sign documents electronically

However, unlike some other DocuSign alternatives, DocHub specializes in the editing process.

DocHub is presented in a similar way to a traditional PDF editor, meaning users can add text, rich media, annotations, signature fields, and more. This makes it an effective solution for teams that need to modify their documents before they send them out for signing. 

Meanwhile, DocuSign’s main value area is its electronic signature functionality. In fact, DocuSign is the leader in this category, with an 80 per cent market share at the time of writing. 

While DocHub users can still add legally binding and secure eSignatures to documents, they will have access to fewer features than DocuSign users, especially for post-signature contract management. For example, DocHub users won’t have access to document analytics or automated payment collection - both of which are available in DocuSign.

This means that DocHub offers fewer features overall. While DocHub is a great PDF editor, it’s not a great alternative to DocuSign for larger businesses that require more advanced eSigning features. Below are some reviews from verified DocHub users that confirm this:

DocHub is very simple to use and quite intuitive as well. It doesn't have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, yet still sports a healthy amount of options for fields and editing - Verified DocHub user, G2
Beyond basic editing and signing, DocHub lacks the higher-end functions that you would find in full-blown PDF editing software - Verified DocHub user, G2

Although, some other DocHub users are satisfied with the amount of functionality available, especially since the tool has a lower cost. Below are some independent reviews on G2 that validate this: 

It truly does everything I need it to do, without a large price tag like some of its more well-known competitors - Verified DocHub user, G2
Elements like text and drawing, erasing, etc can be utilized. It features multiple signer workflows, bulk document signing, lossless editing, team collaboration, sharing, fax, and more - Verified DocHub user, G2

But neither tool offers the full functionality that legal and business teams need to manage their contracts from start to finish. DocHub and DocuSign users may be able to edit and sign documents online, but they still rely on multiple other tools to negotiate, track and report on contracts

If businesses truly want to streamline their entire contract workflow, they’ll need an all-in-one contract automation solution like Juro. Juro enables teams to create, review, negotiate, approve, sign, store, and track contracts with ease - all in one unified workspace. To find out more, hit the button below to book your personalized demo. 

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2. Ease of use 

Out of the two tools, DocHub is likely easier to use due to it having fewer features and more simple, streamlined workflows. By comparison, DocuSign is more complex and designed to serve larger customers. 

DocHub users often share how easy the platform is to navigate and use for PDF editing, as seen in the reviews below:

It's easy to navigate, make changes and edit whatever you may need - Verified DocHub user, G2
Makes it incredibly easy to edit PDF documents on a computer. You can also store signatures within the program so that it's incredibly easy to sign any document online - Verified DocHub user, G2

However, DocHub’s user interface has come under criticism from other customers. According to independent reviews on G2, the user interface can be confusing and appears dated:

The UI/UX is not the best but it does not really affect the usability once you understand it - Verified DocHub user, G2
Sometimes it gets a little confusing between organization documents and user documents. Could improve that UX a little bit - Verified DocHub user, G2

DocuSign’s user interface is slightly more modern, despite the tool being more complex due to the number of features and degree of customization available. It also strikes a good balance between having a lot of functionality and still being user-friendly, according to reviews:

It's hard to find an application with this level of balance from the UI to functionality - Verified DocuSign user, G2
It is simple enough to make templates that you can share with your team while complex enough to have them designed for your work needs - Verified DocuSign user, G2

This means that, if you’re looking for a tool that’s simple but looks dated, DocHub is a great choice. But if you want to give your team and customers a more modern experience and don’t mind a more complex tool, DocuSign might be a better fit.

Juro is top-rated for ease of use, with a score of 9.1 out of 10 on G2. To find out more, book a personalized demo with one of our contract specialists.  

3. Security 

When it comes to security, both DocHub and DocuSign offer a secure eSigning experience and comply with the relevant eSignature laws (eIDAS, ESIGN act and UETA). They both also meet stringent security standards.

However, lots of larger businesses perceive DocuSign to have better authentication and document safety due to the size and reputation of the business. 

But both tools offer 256-bit SSL encryption, and DocHub is now HIPAA compliant, which means that it can be used for medical records too - like DocuSign. 

Ultimately, both tools meet strict security and compliance standards, so both can be used across a variety of businesses, industries and documents to get agreements over the line. 

Juro also offers robust data security and powerful encryption for its users, as well as advanced electronic signatures that comply with global legislation. To find out more, check out our security page or get in touch

4. Customization

DocuSign and DocHub users can both customize their documents and emails for a more personalized and professional experience. 

DocHub is a great tool for customizing documents since users can add text, images, drawings, shapes, and more to their PDFs. This is useful functionality since PDFs are static documents and are typically difficult to edit as a result. DocHub users can also customize their emails with custom branding. 

DocuSign users have access to similar features. DocuSign customers can add custom fields, rich media, and branding to documents, among other things. However, this is only available in their more expensive plans, like their Business Pro plan.

5. Integrations 

DocuSign offers a lot more integrations than DocHub, with DocuSign integrating with more than 400 different tools. 

DocHub does integrate with all of the Google applications, though. This means that users can open and import files to DocHub straight from their Google Drive or Gmail accounts

However, businesses that use a more varied and sophisticated tech stack will prefer a tool like DocuSign or Juro that integrates with their CRMs, HR systems, and even accounting tools like Xero and Quickbooks.

Below are some independent reviews from DocHub users about the tool’s integrations that suggest that, while the Google workspace integrations work well for many businesses, a few important integrations are missing from the tool:

It's linked to Gmail and other GSuite tools, so exporting and importing files is relatively straightforward - Verified DocHub user, G2
One of the main advantages of this program is that Google and DocHub work together - Verified DocHub user, G2
Although DocHub is easy to use, it does lack a number of integrations that could help with automation etc - Verified DocHub user, G2

Salesforce is one of these missing integrations, and it’s one of the most popular integrations among DocuSign users. This is clear from independent reviews left by verified DocuSign users:

The Salesforce integration is my favourite feature. It's come a long way in the past few years and is very easy to use and set up - Verified DocuSign user, G2
By integrating DocuSign into Salesforce, it has made forecasting and data analytics much easier to track - Verified DocuSign user

Juro can be integrated with more than 5000 tools, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Greenhouse, Workday and Google Drive. To find out more about how Juro integrates with your business tools, get in touch with our team. 

6. Device compatibility

DocHub and DocuSign are both compatible with desktop and mobile devices. This makes it easy for users of both platforms to sign contracts on the go. 

However, the experience that users have on mobile does differ between the two tools, with most users finding DocuSign’s mobile experience to have less friction. 

According to DocHub reviews on G2, the mobile experience can be a bit buggy, for example: 

DocHub is a bit buggy on mobile for people who try to sign on iPhones. We encourage our clients to sign their documents via desktop to avoid problems - Verified DocHub user, G2

By contrast, DocuSign reviews tend to praise the tool’s mobile experience: 

I like that DocuSign works with the devices and apps that I already have. I can use DocuSign on my laptop, smartphone, and tablet - Verified DocuSign user, G2
DocuSign is super easy to use! I like the simplistic layout, and how I'm able to use the software universally on any of my devices - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Juro enables businesses to sign contracts in seconds using any device thanks to its mobile-responsive layout. To find out more about Juro’s functionality across different devices, book a personalized demo today. 

7. Pricing 

DocHub is considerably cheaper than DocuSign across all plans. This makes it a more affordable alternative to DocuSign for small businesses with lower budgets. 

DocHub’s plan options are also more simple than DocuSign’s. This is because it only provides two plans: a free plan and a paid plan. 

The free plan enables users to work on 2,000 documents and sign five documents each month. This makes it a great, free option for businesses that only sign contracts occasionally. 

Their paid plan, the ‘Pro’ plan, starts at $10 per user per month, with access to unlimited documents, unlimited eSignatures and more. This makes it one of the cheapest eSigning tools on the market. This is confirmed by independent reviews left by DocHub users on G2: 

I absolutely love the pricing model of the software. No gimmicks and you get an easy-to-use and high-quality eSignature software - Verified DocHub user, G2
When compared to other platforms, it's extremely affordable both for individuals and small teams  - Verified DocHub user, G2
Free features provided are actually the most useful features, and extremely easy to use - Verified DocHub user, G2

DocuSign’s pricing is far more complex, and can be quite expensive:

I am a single-person small business, so the pricing was a significant factor. I was paying for capabilities I did not need or would ever use - Verified DocuSign user, G2
Pricing is a bit expensive for small businesses who don't send a ton of agreements every month and must pay per user per month - Verified DocuSign user, G2

DocuSign customers have also expressed their frustration about how difficult it is to get pricing information, or the hidden fees in their plans: 

Making your clients go through hell to receive pricing for a simple product add-on is not a pleasant experience. We are currently looking at migrating all our operations away from DocuSign - Verified DocuSign user, G2
The products and pricing limitations are completely hidden for business pro - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Overall, it’s clear that DocHub is a much more affordable solution for small businesses than DocuSign. This is something to consider when comparing the two tools.  

8. Customer support

DocuSign outperforms DocHub when it comes to customer service

In fact, DocHub users can only request support by contacting the provider via email. It’s not clear how long responses will take, or what the quality of support is like. However, there is a review on G2 about the support DocHub users receive: 

Dochub has absolutely no customer service assistance. Users are basically ignored & on their own to figure out the tools & try to fix issues - Verified DocHub user, G2

DocuSign users have access to more customer support options, but this depends on their specific plan. Generally speaking, DocuSign users can receive live support by phone, email, or via online chat.

However, independent DocuSign reviews suggest that their customer service isn’t the most responsive either:

I've been trying to contact support for DocuSign for a month. Unfortunately without success. I just need one simple thing - invoice correction. I couldn't get anything done - Verified DocuSign user, G2
I had a problem, and any FAQ or Support did not help to solve it. After hours of searching, I tried to contact the help centre which is a nightmare - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Unlike DocuSign and DocHub, Juro is top-rated for the quality of support customers receive, with a score of 9.8 out of 10 on G2. To find out more about Juro’s exceptional customer support and speedy response times, get in touch with our team today. 

DocHub vs DocuSign: which is best for your business overall?

DocHub and DocuSign are both great eSignature solutions. But they’re also quite different. 

While DocuSign users get access to a rich set of eSignature features, more integrations and a more modern user interface, they have to pay a steeper price for this. 

DocHub users, on the other hand, pay less for less. DocHub only has a handful of integrations but is easier to use and offers plenty of customization options for those that need to edit PDFs. 

But what if you need a tool that’s easy to use, has plenty of functionality and provides a strong ROI for your business?

That’s where Juro can help. Juro is an all-in-one contract automation software that allows users to create, negotiate, sign, store, and manage contracts - all in one workspace. Juro is easy to use, meaning your commercial teams can self-serve on contracts. To find out more, fill out the form below to book a personalized demo.

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