HubSpot document management in 2024

May 17, 2023
Discover how businesses manage their documents in HubSpot, and what they can do to make this process faster and more efficient.

What is HubSpot document management? 

HubSpot document management describes the process used to create, store, track and organize documents within the popular CRM. These documents are then used to share important information with prospects and eventually even close deals. 

As we will explore in this post, HubSpot has a variety of useful document management features. In fact, it outperforms most CRMs in this regard.

There are, however, a few limitations of using HubSpot for document management, as well as some ways to plug these gaps and manage documents more effectively in the CRM. We’ll explore all of this (and more) in this guide. 

Which documents can you manage in HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM, so it is typically used by sales teams. As a result, it’s common for the following types of documents to be uploaded and stored within the tool:

  • Sales contracts (e.g MSAs)
  • Quotes and proposal templates
  • Invoices
  • Product marketing materials 
  • Sales scripts 
  • Email marketing attachments 

For the purpose of this piece, we’ll focus on the types of documents used to close deals and capture revenue, such as sales agreements, invoices, and proposals. 

HubSpot document management: how it works 

As well as being a CRM, HubSpot is a great tool for some stages of the document management process.

Compared to other CRMs, there are a few document management processes that HubSpot does particularly well. This includes storing, sharing, organizing, and tracking documents - each of which we will discuss in more detail now.

1. Document storage and sharing 

HubSpot users can upload documents to the CRM to create a library of content that’s ready to be shared with contacts and internal stakeholders. 

To do this, teams will upload the document into HubSpot either in a .pptx, .pdf, .docx, or .xlsx format. Once uploaded, the document can be found in their document dashboard and shared with contacts either via a shareable link or by adding it to an email template. 

You can find more information about how this works in this guide to sharing and uploading documents in HubSpot

2. Document organization

HubSpot users can organize their content by folders and owners, making it easier to find and access the right documents at the right time. You can move documents to different folders easily and decide who can access these documents, which is important for maintaining confidentiality

While HubSpot’s document organization capabilities are fairly standard, the CRM does offer the basic functionality needed to securely store and sort documents in the tool. 

3. Document tracking

HubSpot enables teams to track when a lead opens or forwards a document, providing valuable insights into a prospect's decision-making process and the success of the outreach. 

This visibility gives you a good indication of whether any input is required on your part. For example, if you see that a lead opened a contract a while ago but is yet to respond, it could be a good idea to prompt them and ask whether they have any questions about the contract terms. 

A similar feature is available in Juro whereby contract owners can see when a counterparty reviews or edits a contract. Juro users can even set up notifications for these updates by integrating with Slack.

You can find out more about these notifications in this guide to Slack contract management.

Limitations of HubSpot document management 

Just as HubSpot has some useful document management features, it also has some feature gaps. Let’s talk through the main limitations of using HubSpot for managing documents now, followed by some solutions. 

1. Less useful for document creation

HubSpot users can upload and distribute files into the CRM. However, HubSpot doesn’t perform well as a standalone document creation tool. Instead, documents will need to be created in a separate platform, such as Microsoft Word, and uploaded into HubSpot later down the line.

The problem with this is that it can create a lot of friction when it comes to managing documents like business contracts where speed and efficiency are integral to a company’s success.

Moving back and forth between different tools to create and share contracts can be painful for sales teams, especially if they have to also wait for legal teams to draft these contracts manually in Word before they can progress a deal. 

Luckily, there’s a way for sales teams to generate contracts without leaving the CRM, and without input from legal. All they have to do is integrate HubSpot with a contract management system like Juro. 

From there, they’ll be able to automate contracts using pre-approved templates in just a few clicks. The data stored in HubSpot is pulled into the template to populate it, giving sales teams access to the documents they need in seconds. 

This workflow is covered in more detail in this guide to HubSpot contract management. But if you’d like to see it in action, you can hit the button below to book a personalized demo. 

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2. Limited search functionality for documents

While HubSpot does allow users to store and track documents in the CRM, it doesn’t offer advanced search capabilities that make it easier to find and access the right documents and data. 

HubSpot users can search for documents by their title, but not by the data stored within them. As a result, users will need to review the document in full to find individual data points.

This is distinct from Juro which uses OCR-enabled search to provide users with instant access to the data within their legal documents

Fortunately, businesses that use the integration we described earlier can combine both the rich CRM features offered by HubSpot and the advanced contract management functionality provided by Juro. 

Documents can be generated in HubSpot and also stored in Juro where they become fully searchable. This gives teams the flexibility to work from the CRM but also gain instant visibility into their contract data if and when they need it. 

Similar HubSpot integrations will be available for other document types, too. However, Juro is a popular choice for commercial teams that want to agree contracts ten times faster and streamline admin throughout the sales cycle. 

Our teams love Juro because it’s easy to use. Sales rank it as one of their top tools they can’t work without - Victoria Sörving, Chief Legal Officer, Funnel
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Sales reps love that they don’t need to wait for legal - they draft the contract, and instead of waiting four days for our follow-ups, they often get same-day approval - Alicja Kwiatkowski, Head of Legal, Iptor

Ready to improve your document management processes?

HubSpot can certainly help businesses to manage their documents. However, it won't work as a standalone document management solution.

For more faster sales processes and more visibility into documents, HubSpot users should consider integrating the CRM with Juro's all-in-one contract management tool.

To find out more about how Juro’s integration with HubSpot can enable sales to agree contracts faster, fill in the form below for a personalized demo. Alternatively, you can check out the following resources:

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