RightSignature vs DocuSign: which is best for your business?

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March 13, 2023
DocuSign and RightSignature are both great eSignature tools. But which one is right for your business? Find out in this detailed comparison. 

RightSignature and DocuSign both enable users to add secure and legally binding eSignatures to documents online. 

But that isn’t all that matters when it comes to choosing your next eSigning tool. You’ll want to consider what else the tool does, what it connects with, and what it costs, among other things. 

That’s why we’ve assessed which electronic signature solution performs better across eight different criteria, including:

  • Features 
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Device accessibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

Before we get into how the two tools compare, let’s quickly introduce them both. 

What is RightSignature?

RightSignature is an electronic signature tool that makes it easy to send and sign documents electronically. RightSignature was founded in 2009 but later acquired by Citrix in 2014 which also owns Podio and ShareFile. 

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a market leader in the eSignature industry, with a market share of roughly 80 per cent. Since it was founded in 2003, DocuSign has acquired plenty of high-profile customers, including Unilever, Samsung and Salesforce. 

RightSignature vs DocuSign: how do they compare?

1. Features

The features offered by RightSignature and DocuSign are similar. Both platforms enable users to edit documents at a basic level, and most importantly, add legally binding electronic signatures to them. 

Both platforms also enable users to bulk-send documents for signing and set signing orders for sequential signing. Both platforms also facilitate payment collection or payment requests, too. 

However, RightSignature users often praise the post-signature functionality offered by the tool. According to independent reviews, users have access to reporting capabilities and can track the status of contracts that have been signed or are waiting to be. 

Below are some independent reviews from G2 that support this conclusion:

RightSignature is fully featured and offers a variety of signature options such as bulk emailing a template, ordered signatories, and more. It also offers extensive reporting capabilities - Verified RightSignature user, G2
I like that you are able to keep track of all the documents that are signed, pending, or cancelled. It is very good at keeping historic data on previously signed documents - Verified RightSignature user, G2

Although, neither DocuSign nor RightSignature offers the advanced contract reporting and contract tracking functionality offered by an all-in-one contracting tool like Juro. This is because RightSignature and DocuSign are eSigning tools, not collaborative contract management solutions.

If you want a tool that can manage contracts end to end, a platform like Juro is best suited. To find out more about Juro’s all-in-one contract automation software, hit the button below. 

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DocuSign reviews also highlight a feature gap within the tool, with numerous independent reviews mentioning how DocuSign works well for simple document edits, but isn’t well-equipped for more advanced document generation requirements. They also mention how the tool isn’t useful at the contract redlining phase of the contract lifecycle: 

You will definitely need a more robust tool if you have complex legal agreements that go through redlines. I recommend this for cookie-cutter plans. It's a great starting point until you outgrow it - Verified DocuSign user, G2
If we require custom document creation we utilize other tools (Conga and DrawLoop) that also nicely integrate with Salesforce and DocuSign - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Again, this highlights the limitations of using DocuSign and RightSignature for contract management because, unlike Juro, neither tools offer the features required to manage contracts from start to finish. Instead, customers have to rely on separate tools throughout the process.

2. Ease of use 

According to independent reviews, DocuSign is easier to use than RightSignature. DocuSign has a score of 9.1 out of 10 on G2 for ease of use, while RightSignature’s ease of use score is slightly lower, at 8.7 out of 10.

In fact, numerous reviews from RightSignature customers criticize the tool’s usability, with the main criticisms relating to the tool’s ‘clunky’ interface:

The user interface is clunky and not intuitive. It takes a bit for a user to understand how to set up a document. I have found that other e-signature vendors have a better user interface - Verified RightSignature user, G2
Ease of use for set up documents is ok, but needs improving. It was clunky the first time I used - Verified RightSignature user, G2

More specifically, RightSignature reviews mention how the client-side experience can be confusing, with many counterparties missing the important step of actually submitting their signature:

The client-facing user interface is somewhat clunky. It's not uncommon for clients to open a document, sign, apply their signature, and miss the "submit" step at the end - Verified RightSignature user, G2
Many people not familiar with the system end up thinking they signed but haven't due to pinch points in the user interface. It is actually a big problem - Verified RightSignature user, G2

By comparison, DocuSign users generally describe the eSignature tool as having a good trade-off between complexity and customization. While DocuSign can be adapted to accommodate more complex workflows, the tool tends to be easy to use. 

The independent reviews left by DocuSign customers support this:

It is simple enough to make templates that you can share with your team while complex enough to have them designed for your work needs - Verified DocuSign user, G2
DocuSign can be as simple or complex as you would like. From setting up templates, storing frequently used forms, and obviously the simple act of obtaining signatures on all required documents - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Juro matches DocuSign’s score for ease of use (9.1 out of 10 on G2) and also offers more advanced features. To find out more about how businesses like yours use Juro, check out our customer case studies

3. Security 

DocuSign and RightSignature both protect files with 256-bit encryption to ensure documents remain secure. Both platforms also offer important security features like multi-factor signer authentication, tamper-proof audit trails, and IP records. This makes both platforms suitable for a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. 

Below are some reviews left by RightSignature users discussing the platform’s security:

The signature audit feature is robust and gives people a lot of confidence about document security - Verified RightSignature user, G2
This is a secure method of sending documents for signatures. I use it for contracts and other important documents - Verified RightSignature user, G2

Below are some reviews from DocuSign users about the platform’s security measures: 

The identity proofing and authentication feature make the process of verifying a customer's identity more foolproof - Verified DocuSign user, G2
The signing features are backed by legal regulations, so we feel secure in our business activities when using DocuSign as a signing solution - Verified DocuSign user, G2

4. Customization 

DocuSign and RightSignature both enable their users to customize the branding used on emails and documents. 

DocuSign customers can add their logos and edit the colours on documents to reflect their branding. Specifically, users can change the ribbon colour at the top of the document and the colour of buttons and text. DocuSign users can also add their own branding to the emails that get sent out to provide a more professional and personalized experience.

RightSignature users have access to similar options as they can change the colour of the background and footer displayed on the signing page and in the emails that signatories receive. They can also add their company logo and customize the message that signatories receive via email. 

This means that both tools offer a similar level of customization and can accommodate custom branding.

Below are some reviews from RightSignature customers about the tool’s customization options:

It could use more customization, but overall it's still very good! - Verified RightSignature user, G2
It is nice that there is some branding but it could be a little cleaner with our logo being more prominent than RightSignature but understanding that it is not our product - Verified RightSignature user, G2

Below are some G2 reviews from DocuSign users about the platform’s customization options:

We were able to place our brand and custom messages in the email. We can design our email template for eSign - Verified DocuSign user, G2
The custom branding templates are a wonderful touch that streamlines processing - Verified DocuSign user, G2

5. Integrations 

DocuSign offers more integrations than RightSignature overall, with RightSignature missing popular native integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot and Workday.

RightSignature’s most popular integration is its integration with ShareFile, which is also owned by Citrix. In fact, RightSignature’s most expensive plan is one that includes ShareFile access and so offers storage and approvals for files, as well as standard eSignature features. 

But RightSignature does integrate with other tools, too. These integrations include storage solutions like Box and Dropbox as well as finance tools like Stripe and FreshBooks. 

However, DocuSign integrates with hundreds of other business applications, making it the better choice for businesses that need that connectivity and want to automate their routine contract admin

Below are some independent reviews from RightSignature users about their experience with the tool’s integrations:

I especially like how RightSignature is able to integrate directly with my FreshBooks accounting system. With RightSignature, I was able to set up a whole new method of handling contracts - Verified RightSignature user, G2
Integration with ShareFile makes document organization much more manageable - Verified RightSignature user, G2

Below are some independent reviews from DocuSign users about their experience with the tool’s integrations:

Its integration mechanism is fantastic. We can automate most of the manual work with the help of integrations. The entire process is cost-effective and consumes very less time - Verified DocuSign user, G2
The integration with third-party APIs and the application of DocuSign is superb. It supports almost all enterprise business software. I integrated with salesforce CRM, GoogleDrive, DropBox, Box, etc - Verified DocuSign user, G2

6. Device compatibility

Both DocuSign and RightSignature work on desktop and mobile devices. However, DocuSign’s mobile experience is significantly better, according to independent reviews.

Numerous reviews from RightSignature customers describe the tool’s mobile experience as clunky and unintuitive, as seen below:

I have had complaints from signers that the platform is not user-friendly when signing using a mobile device - Verified RightSignature user, G2
The mobile interface is clunky. Not as user-friendly as DocuSign - Verified RightSignature user, G2
A little clunky when on a mobile device. The signature feature takes a few attempts to get used to - Verified RightSignature user, G2

By comparison, DocuSign customers praise how easy and seamless DocuSign’s mobile experience is, making it a clear winner when it comes to device compatibility:

I like that DocuSign works with the devices and apps that I already have. I can use DocuSign on my laptop, smartphone, and tablet - Verified DocuSign user, G2
DocuSign is super easy to use! I like the simplistic layout, and how I'm able to use the software universally on any of my devices - Verified DocuSign user, G2
Clients are easily able to view the envelope and sign from their phone (or any mobile device) or a desktop computer - Verified DocuSign user, G2

7. Pricing 

RightSignature and DocuSign both offer different types of plans and therefore charge their customers differently. This makes it difficult to compare the prices of the two tools as they can vary a lot based on how many users you have and which features you need. 

However, independent reviews suggest that RightSignature is a cheaper alternative to DocuSign. Below are some independent reviews from RightSignature customers that support this conclusion:

We looked into DocuSign and Adobe Sign and found them to be very expensive. That was when we discovered we could do what we needed at a fraction of the price with RightSignature - Verified RightSignature user, G2
Great pricing on an annual or monthly basis for a full feature set, in comparison with the 'big' players DocuSign and Echosign - Verified RightSignature user, G2

RightSignature only offers two different pricing plans. Their most affordable plan is $60 per month for three users, with an additional $20 per month charged for each additional user. This plan provides access to the full eSignature package, with bulk-send, sequential signing and custom branding included. 

Their other plan includes access to Sharefile alongside the eSignature features. This is charged at $122 per month for five users in total, with a fee of $24.30 per month for additional users. 

While this sounds more expensive than DocuSign’s plans, it’s important to remember that DocuSign’s plans are charged per seat, while RightSignature’s prices already account for multiple users. A lot of the features available in RightSignature’s eSignature plan are also only available in DocuSign’s more expensive plans, like bulk send, for example.

When comparing RightSignature vs DocuSign based on price, it’s also important to note that DocuSign often charges extra for certain add-ons. In fact, numerous DocuSign reviews on G2 express frustration about DocuSign’s pricing models and how they lack transparency:

Making your clients go through hell to receive pricing for a simple product add-on is not a pleasant experience. We are currently looking at migrating all our operations away from DocuSign - Verified DocuSign user, G2
If signing without all the extra features is what is needed, then you might be able to find a cheaper company that can do that - Verified DocuSign user, G2

This is especially true if DocuSign users want to access full contract management features as DocuSign CLM tends to be expensive, especially compared to more modern and flexible tools like Juro.

8. Customer support 

Interestingly, both DocuSign and RightSignature have a lot of negative reviews when it comes to customer support. Customers of both companies have described the support team as unresponsive and slow, with some reviews stating that they’ve waited months or even years to solve simple issues. 

DocuSign’s quality of support rating on G2 is particularly low, with a score of 8.4 out of 10. While RightSignature’s G2 score for quality of support is slightly higher (8.6 out of 10), both fall short of the industry average of 9.1 out of 10. Both are also significantly lower than Juro’s quality of support score, which at 9.8 out of 10, is the best in the category

Below are some reviews left by RightSignature customers that describe the speed and quality of support they’ve received.  

I have been submitting tickets for almost a year with many of them going completely unanswered - Verified RightSignature user, G2
The customer service side of RightSignature is very seriously lacking - Verified RightSignature user, G2

Unfortunately, DocuSign reviews show that their customers have a similar experience when it comes to accessing support:

I've been trying to contact support for DocuSign for a month. Unfortunately without success. I just need one simple thing - invoice correction. I couldn't get anything done - Verified DocuSign user, G2
I had a problem, and any FAQ or Support did not help to solve it. After hours of searching, I tried to contact the help centre which is a nightmare - Verified DocuSign user, G2

Customers deserve more than automated responses and month-long waiting times. That’s why, at Juro, our average customer response time in 2023 is less than 90 seconds. To find out more about Juro’s outstanding customer support and rapid response times, get in touch with our team. 

RightSignature vs DocuSign: which is best for your business?

If you’re deciding between RightSignature and DocuSign, there’s no clear-cut ‘best’ option. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to pinpoint exactly what you need from it and what you can afford. 

If certain integrations are important to your business use case, DocuSign will likely outperform RightSignature. Similarly, if mobile experience is important to your clients, DocuSign will be a better option than DocuSign. 

But if you’re a small business with a low budget, RightSignature could do the job. 

However, there are also a few important weaknesses that both tools share. For example, neither tool offers an intuitive and flexible editing experience, unlike Juro. They also don’t offer the extensive functionality needed to manage contracts post-signature

This means that RightSignature and DocuSign customers will need to move back and forth between up to five different tools to get a contract over the line.

Unlike RightSignature and DocuSign, Juro enables you to create, negotiate, approve, sign, store and track contracts online - all in one unified workspace. To find out more, fill in the form below to book a personalized demo.

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