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We've upgraded Juro for 2021 - what's new?

February 25, 2021

What's new in Juro in 2021? Well ... a lot. Check out all the latest features and get ready for some game-changing updates in the weeks ahead.

After a lot of hard work, we're sharing our new features - available to everyone in Juro. There's a lot to cover; from handling Word files, to PDFs, to general improvements. Let's get started!

Do more with Juro 📈

Working with PDFs: signing, adding data, reviewing your documents 

PDFs in Juro can now be handled in almost the same way as regular Juro documents. Not only can you upload them into Juro, but you can sign them, add smart fields and treat them like any other document by viewing aggregated data in a dashboard.

More guardrails for your document workflow

We've added two new quality of life features to help you control your document workflow:

1. Sequential signing: you can define a specific sequence for signatories, for a template or a specific document, so signatures will be collected in the right order.


2. Restricted editing: if you need to control who edits what in Juro, you can now set different user rights in order to restrict text edits. Admins have full control over templates, documents, and member settings; editors can make changes to documents, smartfields and text in the contract; and users can only create or upload a document and change the smartfields in the contract.

More options = more control.

Get your free Juro account to try this feature.

Working with documents at scale 🚀

At Juro, we're huge fans of tools that make life even just a little bit easier. No one likes repeating the same process over and over again, so we built a solution to ease the pain of working with big volumes of documents and templates.

From one document to dozens - or even hundreds

We've added two new features to help you mass-create documents in Juro.


1. Mass-creation from a template: with an existing template and a CSV, you can create as many contracts as you need in a few clicks. We even built the CSV template for you.

2. Mass upload from PDF: this works in the same way - if you have a stack of legacy PDFs to bring in, you can import them instantly and tag them with metadata from a CSV on the way in.

Switch to your table view and you can use mass actions to sign or send multiple documents at once with a couple of clicks too. 

Organizing your templates

You can now organize your templates in the same way as your documents, creating specific views or folders for them, adding custom fields, and sorting and filtering as needed.

We're streamlining Juro's UI 💖

For busy teams using Juro, we know speed is everything. So we've been working hard on removing friction from the process of creating and sending out documents in our UI. We're excited to be able to make the new UI available to everyone. 

The new UI brings a more coherent way for you to access core functionality in Juro, as well as always providing an overview of what's happening with your contract.

The new UI will be available for testing and feedback for everyone for two months, after which it'll be here to stay. We're really grateful for your feedback - so please share your thoughts by emailing me or dropping Juro a message on Twitter or LinkedIn

Try the new UI for yourself

Look for the new UI switcher in the lower right corner of your contract editor screen. Hit the switch to explore the new UI.

What's next? Microsoft Word

Finally, in beta test right now is our new feature that lets you export contracts into Microsoft Word, but also bring them back again via Word import. When you switch to the new UI, you can test out this feature from the bar at the top.

Want to explore all of our new features and more? Hit the button below.

Pavel Kovalevich is the CPO and co-founder of Juro

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