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Slack Contract Management (Legal and Sales Webinar Recap)

January 21, 2021

Juro recently hosted a webinar with heads of legal and heads of sales from tech scaleup, Funnel - exploring how legal and sales teams can use tech like Slack to collaborate and close deals faster.

The webinar, called 'Legal + Sales: using technology to drive growth', included the following speakers:

  • Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder, Juro (host)
  • Victoria Sörving, Head of Legal, Funnel
  • Kevin Kotyluk, Head of Sales (US), Funnel
  • Erik Hellstam, Head of Sales (Europe), Funnel
Get the full recording of Legal + Sales: using technology to drive growth here.

The webinar explored the dynamic between legal and sales teams; how legal can enable sales to succeed (and why they should); and a case study on using tech to drive growth - getting into the weeds of the tech stack Victoria Sörving has built at Funnel. Here are some of the key learnings from the event. 

Make sure your team is aligned - always 🙏

There’s an age-old battle in some organizations between the risk-averse legal and the revenue-focused sales team. And at a high-growth scaleup, aligning and finding ways around these differences can be a challenge, especially when deals are on the line. Unifying the team can help sales and legal collaborate more effectively, according to Erik: 

“We should view ourselves as a singular team, instead of legal and sales. Having clarity in terms of which team can make which decision helps, but we’re also open to conversations around strategy and what the other function is trying to do”

Kevin also added the importance of being clear on how each contribution from sales and legal ultimately affects the end goal, revenue: 

“It’s important for legal and sales to work as a team, as opposed to as polarizing functions within the company. Focusing on the ultimate goal of revenue and business growth can help us streamline the way we work together”

More knowledge, less friction ⚡

It’s common knowledge that legal teams often have to respond to the same questions over and over again - the challenge lies in how they can mitigate this. When it comes to avoiding back-and-forth negotiations with the counterparty over the same terms, Funnel’s sales team have a simple, yet effective, solution. Erik explains:

“The legal team seemed to get the same questions again and again. So created a document of FAQs which we would send early on, and we would tell the prospect: ‘these are some of the things that your legal team might be asking of you. Here’s why we can’t do this differently’. Just giving them this information upfront helped to stop the conversation before it happened”

This makes it easier for the sales team to align with the counterparty and close deals - especially when low-negotiation contracts, such as MSAs or order forms, aren't prompting lengthy discussions. 

Slack contract management? Why not 😍

Managing contract workflow in Slack is not just possible but frictionless, if done right. Although Funnel was past the point of hard copy contracts and wet signatures, the contract workflow still involved manual work between multiple systems, as Victoria explained: “We communicate in Slack, so that involved loads of downloads and uploads for each contract iteration. The final version had to be manually converted to PDF and then re-uploaded into our eSignature tool. Looking at the whole process, it was so time-consuming, boring, and  repetitive. We can use tech to make contracts fun - and why shouldn’t we?”

Watch the full demo of Funnel's Slack contracts manager in the webinar. Get the recording here.

Funnel implemented Juro, and integrated the whole process end-to-end, tying everything back to their central system of communication, Slack. Funnel’s contract process, powered by Slack contract management, now looks like this:

  • A bot in Slack pings legal when sales create a new contract in Juro
  • Sales tailors the contract in Juro, before sending it for approval
  • Slack informs the legal team of the approval request. If Victoria or a member of her team reacts with the 👀 emoji, then the Slack bot notifies sales, so they know legal is addressing their request
  • The emoji also triggers a Zapier integration, which automatically adds this task on legal’s Asana board
  • When the contract is ready to be sent to the counterparty, legal approves and sends for signing via Juro

Automating the entire lifecycle of the contract made it visible to the whole business, saved time and reduced friction between teams, as Victoria explained: “Sales was always running from their part of the building to legal’s desk in the past, and this was challenging. Now they can ping the legal team, and any lawyer who responds to the request is responsible for resolving it.”

The relationship between legal and sales can make a huge difference at a high-velocity business, and it was great hearing all about how Funnel's team enabled each other and found success through technology.

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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Slack Contract Management (Legal and Sales Webinar Recap)

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