Docusign Salesforce integration: a guide to connecting the tools

July 9, 2024
Explore what's possible with Docusign's Salesforce integration, and whether it'll be the right fit based on your requirements.

By combining Salesforce's CRM capabilities with DocuSign's electronic signature features, businesses can streamline workflows and ensure data accuracy. This guide will cover the benefits, setup process, and best practices for using DocuSign with Salesforce.

How does Docusign’s Salesforce integration work?

DocuSign’s integration with Salesforce streamlines the contract management process by enabling users to send, sign, and store documents directly within Salesforce.

Here’s how Docusign’s Salesforce integration works step-by-step:

Configuring Docusign's Salesforce integration

Before you can start using Docusign's Salesforce integration, you'll need to get the tools set up and integrated using the configuration instructions below:

  1. First, you'll need to Install the DocuSign for Salesforce app from the AppExchange.
  2. Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to configure the integration settings to align with your organizational needs, including mapping Salesforce fields to DocuSign field, and so on.

Sending documents with Docusign’s Salesforce integration

Users can send documents for signing directly from a record in Salesforce, instead of moving into separate tools, like email, to share them manually. The process looks like this:

  1. Once integrated, you can initiate the document sending process directly from a Salesforce record (e.g., Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts).
  2. Select the document to you want to send, and the recipients you want to share the document with from your Salesforce contacts.
  3. Customize the email message that be shared along with the document once sent.

Signing documents with Docusign’s Salesforce integration

Once documents are sent for signing from Salesforce, recipients (or counterparties) will be able to eSign the agreement using Docusign's technology. This process is as follows:

  1. Recipients will receive an email with a link to the document in their inbox, with a prompt asking them to sign it.
  2. The recipients can then review and sign the document electronically using DocuSign’s electronic signature platform.
  3. Once signed, the document is automatically saved and uploaded to the relevant Salesforce record.

Tracking and managing documents with Docusign’s Salesforce integration

Post-signature, documents can be managed from within Salesforce, giving greater visibility to those working on certain opportunities and record. This works as follows:

  1. Since the status of a document syncs into Docusign automatically, document owners can track agreements, and where they are in their lifecycle, in Salesforce.
  2. Depending on your settings, you can receive notifications and alerts for important document events (e.g., document viewed, signed).

Storing documents with Docusign’s Salesforce integration

Docusign's integration with Salesforce also gives users the opportunity to store and access documents securely in the CRM. Here's how it works:

  1. Completed documents are securely stored in Salesforce.
  2. You can then access all documents related to a specific record from a centralized location within Salesforce, instead of manually searching for the relevant documents.

Limitations of Docusign's Salesforce integration

The biggest limitation of Docusign’s Salesforce integration is that it doesn’t offer coverage for the pre-signature stages of a contract’s lifecycle.

This is a reflection of Docusign’s native feature set, though. After all, the platform specializes in eSigning workflows, not the end-to-end management of contracts

That’s why businesses that want to streamline contracts (instead of basic documents) choose Juro instead. 

Juro’s Salesforce integration enables teams to manage contracts in Salesforce from start to finish, streamlining the entire contract workflow and empowering legal and commercial teams to stay in the tools they’re most familiar with. 

  • Create contracts directly within Salesforce using pre-approved templates and conditional logic to vary contract terms and customize deals with no manuald rafting required.
  • Automatically populate contracts with deal data from Salesforce, making it quick and easy to generate accurate agreements while also eliminating the need to waste time on manual data entry.
  • Attach signed contracts to relevant opportunities and update status automatically, making it easy to track the progress of contracts and deals before and after they’re signed.
Juro users can create contracts from Salesforce in just a few clicks.

With Juro, legal and business teams can generate contracts in just a few clicks, removing blockers and getting deals over the line up to 10x faster than with traditional tools. To find out more about Juro and how it will work for a team like yours, fill in the form below. 

For more resources on Docusign, check out these guides:

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