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Unlimited templates
Conversational forms
Approval workflows
Conditional logic
Enterprise only
Internal commenting
Conditional approvers
External negotiation
Custom branding
Native, binding eSignature & audit trail
Kanban dashboard
Renewal reminders
Dedicated customer success manager
Enterprise only
Single sign-on
Enterprise only
Bulk actions
Enterprise only
Native Salesforce integration
Native HubSpot integration
Native Zapier integration
Native Workday integration
Enterprise only
Native Greenhouse integration
Enterprise only
Native Slack integration
Native Google Drive integration
Enterprise only
REST API & webhooks
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DocuSign: basic eSignature

Getting documents securely signed is a good start - but is it enough? While DocuSign's eSignature credentials are strong, legal teams looking for a comprehensive, scalable solution for contracts often run into its limitations quickly.

This page explores the features, limitations and pricing of DocuSign, in comparison to Juro's all-in-one contract automation platform.

DocuSign limitations

DocuSign is the pre-eminent player in eSignature and has an excellent range of functionality when it comes to getting PDFs signed securely online. But while DocuSign has some powerful features - particularly the depth of its eSignature solution - many essential features for legal teams are either missing, or have to be bought separately and paid for on top of per-envelope pricing that already escalates quickly. In fact, DocuSign presents many of the same limitations that other established eSignature solutions, like Adobe Sign, do (read more in our DocuSign vs Adobe Sign comparison).

Key pain points that users encounter with DocuSign are:

  • Lack of flexibility: any small change requires the contract to be reissued from scratch
  • No conditional templates: users have to manually select the correct terms, rather than using automation
  • Poor counterparty experience: signatories can't review the document smoothly from one central, intuitive UI
  • No data layer: key metadata isn't captured making it hard to search and report on contract data

For a deep set of features to help visionary legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace, it's worth considering the benefits of an all-in-one contract automation platform.

Juro benefits

✍️ There's more to contracts than signing

DocuSign is the first port of call for many businesses looking to get contracts securely eSigned. But it can’t do much more than electronic signature - if you need to create and edit beautiful templates, collaborate with colleagues, set up approvals, handle in-browser negotiation or benefit from post-signature features and analytics, you’ll need separate systems too.

Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform covers every stage of the contract lifecycle, in-browser, with transparent pricing that scales with your business.

☝️ Replace several tools with one

DocuSign’s focus on electronic signature means your contract workflow will almost certainly also need to include Word, a shared drive or Dropbox, and an email back-and-forth that creates headaches for your team. Instead, replace this disjointed manual process with one easy-to-use tool that creates just one source of truth - a home for your contracts that makes self-serve automation a reality for your business.

📊 No punitive pricing for scaling companies

DocuSign’s pay-per-envelope pricing model will help you get started, but you’ll be punished financially as your contract volume grows. Juro Team subscription plans offer unlimited contracts and templates for a transparent fee, meaning you don’t need to worry about the cost of signing more deals. Plus, unlike DocuSign, you don’t need an enterprise plan to benefit from our integrations with Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Greenhouse and Zapier.

Juro integration stack
💡 Ditch PDFs for truly digital collaboration

Editing in DocuSign means voiding the document, starting again and re-uploading. With Juro’s collaborative workflows, you can work securely in real time, in-browser, on your contracts - whether that’s tagging team members for comments, or negotiating contracts with counterparties online.

Juro internal and external commenting
⚙️ Capture actionable contract data

PDFs in DocuSign don’t capture usable metadata, meaning your negotiation history is likely gone forever. It’s also hard to search within PDFs as they’re built from unstructured data, meaning you need to pay for AI contract review to find out what’s in your own contracts. Juro’s contract editor creates digital documents from structured data, so metadata is always captured. Contracts are searchable from day one thanks to a data-rich repository that helps you manage contracts effortlessly post-signature.

Juro analytics graph
Spot bottlenecks in your contract process
🙌 Manage templates and teams

Management of DocuSign PDFs tends to happen in emails, which can be difficult to keep track of. If you’d rather stay in control, Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform includes collaborative features for team members. Set individual access levels, create custom table views and dashboards, and manage documents through their lifecycle with an easy-to-use Kanban board.

Juro Kanban board view
Keep contracts moving with an intuitive Kanban board view

DocuSign pricing

While DocuSign's basic plans offer useful eSignature functionality, you'll quickly face an aggressive upsell if you want to access essential features for modern legal teams, like collaboration, integrations, negotiation, analytics and post-signature contract management.

Juro offers flexible plans to suit any business. Head over to our pricing page to pick the plan that's right for you.

DocuSign reviews

Read independent DocuSign reviews

DocuSign is rated on G2 with a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5) - lower than Juro, and with 35 one-star reviews. The below are verified reviews, available on G2:

"They have a bunch of unscalable hidden fees that they hid despite us asking about it in the sale process. Don't go with DocuSign especially if you are a startup - they don't scale"
"It is expensive as hell ... to integrate it with Salesforce was highway robbery per person"
"When I tried to reopen to a document, I was locked out of the signing process. It took two days for their customer support to email me back and all I heard were excuses"
"Difficult to mass send envelopes or create templates that actually save you time ... customer service is completely useless"

Read independent Juro reviews

Juro is top-rated on Capterra (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5) and G2 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5), leading the category for Ease of Setup and Quality of Support.

Our users say:

"Thanks to Juro, teams within our business can send out clear, well-drafted, beautifully designed commercial agreements that can be signed quickly. Crucially, all of this can be achieved with minimal input from our legal team"
"We've created a workflow that is scalable, quicker, automated and allows other teams to self-serve their contracts. For a small legal team this is essential and has saved us so much time"
"Easy to learn, intuitive user interface, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts which actually require my expertise in drafting and negotiating. The future is here!"

Read more about users’ experience with Juro on G2 and Juro on Capterra, or head over to our case studies to find out more.

"Excellent contract management tool for scaling start-ups"

Juro completely lifted the burden off our legal team by empowering our Sales team to handle the majority of small business contracts from start to finish.

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"Juro's LegalTech is my go-to Contract and Document Management Solution"

The ease in which you can create contract templates, issue contracts, and simplify the journeys for commercial teams to raise contracts using smart fields.

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"The future is here!"

Easy to learn, intuitive GUI, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts.

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