How to manage contracts in Bullhorn

February 19, 2023
Discover how agencies can manage HR contracts more efficiently by integrating Bullhorn with Juro.

What is Bullhorn?

Bullhorn is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and relationship management platform. It’s typically used by staffing and recruitment companies to track candidates, fill positions, and manage client accounts.

Agencies that use Bullhorn manage hundreds of applicants, meaning that they also manage hundreds of contracts. 

Fortunately, there’s a way for agencies to manage their HR contracts in Bullhorn, rather than using a manual contract workflow. But before we cover how this works, let’s quickly run through a manual contract lifecycle and how it compares. 

How do agencies typically manage their HR contracts?

When an agency secures a placement for a candidate, they will usually create an offer letter or employment contract to notify them of the job offer. This contract is usually drafted in an editor like Microsoft Word and created using existing contract templates.

They then populate the contract using the opportunity and candidate information stored in an ATS like Bullhorn.  This is a tedious process that involves manual data entry and is prone to mistakes.

Once drafted, the contract is shared with the candidate via email for signing. These contracts are rarely negotiated, but if they are, the candidate will usually request their changes in an email chain, or on the phone. Once these changes are made, the candidate will sign the contract, usually using an electronic signature tool like DocuSign or HelloSign

Once the contract has been signed by the relevant people, it will then be saved (usually as a PDF) in a shared drive, with a copy being uploaded to the candidate’s file in Bullhorn. Depending on what the agency chooses to track, they might also decide to record the contract data in a contract management spreadsheet of some sort too. 

Why is this approach painful?

Agencies can be dealing with hundreds of candidates at any one time. This means they’d need to create templated employment contracts and other agreements (like NDAs), at scale. 

But this is painful using a disjointed and manual workflow like the one we just described. Agencies have to jump back and forth between different tools and dedicate plenty of time to contract admin tasks like data entry and contract reporting. This can quickly become painful for agencies with large contract volumes.

Fortunately, these tasks can be easily automated by integrating Bullhorn with a contract management tool like Juro. Let’s cover how that works now. 

How to manage contracts in Bullhorn and Juro

Integrating Juro and Bullhorn enables agencies to generate their HR contracts in Bullhorn, rather than switching between tools to get a contract created.

This can be achieved by connecting the two tools through Zapier - a workflow automation tool that enables you to connect the platforms in seconds, with no code required. 

Once set up, you can customize automated workflows by choosing certain triggers and actions. For example, Bullhorn users could set up a workflow whereby a contract is automatically created in Juro when a candidate’s profile is updated in Bullhorn to reflect that they’ve received an offer.

This means that account managers and reps no longer have to draft contracts from scratch and populate them manually. Instead, contracts can be generated automatically using a pre-approved template and the data stored in Bullhorn. 

This means faster hiring cycles and less time spent on routine contract admin. To find out more about how agencies can use Juro to streamline their contract workflow and make contracting more efficient, fill in the form below to book a personalized demo. 

Not a Bullhorn customer? Businesses can automate their contracts by integrating Juro with a wide range of HR solutions, including:

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