How to manage contracts in HiBob

January 26, 2023
Looking for a way to create and manage your HR contracts in HiBob? This Juro explainer tells you everything you need to know.

HiBob is a great tool for managing employees and their data. But can it be used to manage their contracts, too? This post tells you everything you need to know about managing contracts in HiBob, including how to generate contracts in HiBob in just a few clicks. 

What is HiBob?

HiBob is a popular HR information system (HRIS) used to capture and manage employee data. Once hired, an employee’s information is uploaded to HiBob, where they can view it alongside their manager and the HR team. 

HiBob is typically used to provide visibility into employees’ performance, compensation, and paid time off. Capturing all of this data also makes HiBob a source of truth when it comes to creating and populating HR contracts, such as:

But what role does HiBob play in the contract creation process, and could HR teams be using the tool more efficiently for contract management? Let’s find out.

How do HR teams usually use HiBob to manage contracts? 

From granting options to sending job offers, contracts play an important role in formalizing HR decisions.

Yet, most HR teams still haven’t found a way to scale their contract creation process. Their process is manual, time-consuming, and can involve up to five different tools. 

The process

Legal and HR teams draft agreements in an editor like Microsoft Word. They do this using existing templates that are stored in shared drives like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Sharepoint

Next, they populate the contracts using the employee data stored in HiBob. This involves manually extracting the data and pasting it into the contract template. This data entry work is time-consuming for any contract, but it’s especially painful for HR contracts that might need to be created in bulk.

Once drafted, the contracts will be shared with employees and their managers for signing and approval. Most businesses share contracts via email, with most contract negotiations happening across email chains and over the phone.

While most HR contracts aren’t heavily negotiated, this back-and-forth still makes it difficult to track contracts, particularly if you are onboarding or hiring fast. 

After the terms have been agreed by all parties, the contract is signed using a separate electronic signature tool (e.g DocuSign or Adobe Sign), with a copy of the signed contract uploaded to HiBob for future reference. 

The problems

While the process described above may sound familiar to a lot of legal and HR professionals, it’s certainly not efficient. 

For companies growing rapidly, manually drafting, populating, and sharing contracts for every employee simply isn’t possible. And even if it is, it’s not a good use of legal and HR teams’ time. 

Fast-growing businesses need a contract process that scales with them and enables them to mass-create contracts as and when they need them. A disjointed contracting process means more friction, slower contract creation, and more time spent on low-value admin. 

But your contract workflow doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a way for HR teams to streamline contract creation and automate routine contract admin. All they need to do is connect HiBob with a contract management solution like Juro. 

"Juro has removed the need for us to hire people to focus on admin work, and that’s the biggest win" - Luke Hextall, Head of People Ops, GoPuff

To find out how Juro can help HR teams automate up to 80 per cent of onboarding admin, check out this GoPuff case study.

Is it possible to automate HR contracts in HiBob?

HiBob can be used to generate contracts in just a few clicks. This is made possible by integrating HiBob with a platform like Juro. 

Integrating the two tools allows HR teams to set up workflows whereby contracts are automatically created when employees are added to or deleted from the HiBob system. This makes it effortless to create and share HR contracts. 

This integration can be set up quickly using Zapier, and with no code required. 

Let’s explore exactly how the integration works in more detail, and how it can enable HR teams to manage contracts more efficiently. 

How to manage contracts in HiBob 

Integrating HiBob with a contract automation tool like Juro enables HR teams to automate contracts. 

Users simply set up a trigger in Zapier for a contract to be generated when a new employee profile has been created in HiBob. This means that the relevant onboarding documents and HR contracts will be created automatically for new employees joining the system. 

The integration works by using the data stored in HiBob to populate a pre-defined contract template. Teams build their automated contract templates in Juro and these are then used to generate contracts on demand. 

Since the data from HiBob is pulled into the contract’s smartfields automatically, the integration means fewer mistakes, more consistent contracts, and less time spent on manual data entry.   

You can even use this functionality to automate additional contracts once an employee’s start date has arrived. This is useful for post-hire contracts like option agreements, for example.

Juro’s integration with HiBob also enables you to generate termination letters to formalize when employees leave the company. 

For fixed-term contracts, this can be done based on their contract’s end date. For employees that leave on other terms, this can be automated based on when they’re removed from the HiBob system instead.

Once signed, a link to the contract is automatically added to the employee’s profile in HiBob. This means that contracts can be reviewed by employees and their managers with ease. 

Not only does Juro’s integration with HiBob remove the need for manual contract admin, but it also removes the need to jump between up to five different tools to get HR contracts drafted. This means less friction, fewer mistakes, and faster onboarding times. 

Want to find out more?

If lengthy contract creation processes are keeping your HR teams from higher-value work, it’s time to consider contract automation. 

Juro is the all-in-one contract automation platform that enables all teams to streamline the creation, execution, and management of routine contracts at scale. 

To find out more about how Juro integrates with HiBob and other HR systems, fill in the form below for a personalized demo. 

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