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"The sales team can get contracts drafted and reviewed in a fraction of the time”


How did Iptor's legal team use Juro to create, review, and approve contracts 83.3% faster? Find out in our case study.

Case study: ending panic mode for legal

Iptor is an end-to-end cloud platform specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, logistics and more, with over 1200 customers in more than 40 countries.

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The challenge: a lean legal team with too many contracts

Iptor’s offering meant that commercial contracts were often lengthy, complex agreements. The challenge the legal team of three faced was that the process for agreeing and managing these contracts was just as complex.

Contract admin affected both legal and sales, with up to 20 per cent of their time spent on legal process.

The manual process involved:

  • A sales rep adding information into the CRM
  • The sales rep then filling out a contract request form in Excel
  • Missing information in the contract, which meant legal had to chase with follow-up questions
  • Legal creating a first draft by manually pasting the relevant information into a Word template
  • The contract bouncing between emails until approval
  • Sales then sharing the contract with the prospect

It was clear that something needed to change, as Alicja Kwiatkowski, Head of Legal at Iptor, explained:

“Sales had to wait much longer for legal to draft a contract, and often chased us to speed up the process. Approvals were also really manual - everything took place over email.

The turning point was when it took me two hours to draft a contract sales could send to the customer. We have so many contracts, it’s difficult and exhausting for legal to work this way!”


The requirements: what did Iptor need?

Alicja looked for a contract automation solution:

  • Powerful enough to serve a scaling business
  • Easy to implement for an inexperienced team
  • Easy to use, both for legal and the teams they enabled
  • Providing value for money at a reasonable price

Alicja shortlisted three solutions. One seemed too challenging to implement, and the other had lengthy response times that didn’t match her need to make a quick decision.

She chose Juro after reading user reviews on independent platforms like Capterra. The majority of testimonials came from lean legal teams scaling contract workflow at high-growth companies.

"The sales team can get contracts drafted and reviewed in a fraction of the time”

The solution: enabling sales with an in-browser platform

Alicja kick-started a rapid implementation of Juro at the end of 2020. Juro’s customer success team was on hand to support Alicja as she set up her contract templates.

She said: “our templates at that time were long and complex - we used smartfields to create dynamic templates with Juro’s conditional logic feature. The customer success team was really responsive and supportive during setup.”

Juro is the #1-rated contract platform for ease of setup and quality of support, leading the category on both Capterra and G2.

Within a month, legal and sales were set up for a strong 2021, with a frictionless contract process.

  • Impressive time-savings: “before Juro, it would take legal up to two hours to draft a contract, longer if we had follow-up questions. Now sales can input information and legal can approve the contract - all in 20 minutes.”
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use platform: “I needed a solution that was easy to implement, and I found Juro to be ideal for small or medium-sized businesses.”
  • Sales enabled to self-serve: “sales reps love that they don’t need to wait for legal - they draft the contract, and instead of waiting four days for our follow-ups, they often get same-day approval.”
  • Legal freed for high-value work: “we had so many competing priorities, it became difficult to dedicate time to contracts. Thanks to Juro, we have more time to spend on corporate governance, as well as ongoing data protection and compliance work.”
“I would definitely recommend Juro - I think the platform responds well to the needs of small legal teams at scaling companies”

The results: contracts ready to sign 83.3% faster with Juro

Through Juro, Alicja and her legal team were able to move documents into a unified workspace, saying goodbye to Word, back-and-forth emails, and Excel spreadsheets.

“The biggest win for legal is that we get to focus on other work, whereas before Juro we were in ‘panic mode’ all the time,” Alicja said. “As for sales, they get contracts drafted and reviewed in a fraction of the time.”

“I would definitely recommend Juro - I think the platform responds well to the needs of small legal teams at scaling companies. I made my choice to implement Juro, and I’m really happy with it!”

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Juro users typically win back 70% of time spent on contract admin.

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