How to manage contracts in Salesflare

February 9, 2023
Salesflare enables small and medium businesses to manage their deals more effectively. But can it do the same for sales contracts? Let’s find out.

What is Salesflare?

Salesflare is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool used by small and medium businesses. The CRM offers a wide range of features that help sales teams to streamline their sales process, communicated with customers, and automate routine admin.

But can Salesflare also be used to automate contract admin

The answer is yes - but only if you integrate Salesflare with a contract management solution like Juro. 

Keep reading to find out how this works and what it enables sales teams to do. But first, let’s take a quick look at how Salesflare users manage their contracts without this integration.

How are sales contracts typically managed using Salesflare?

Salesflare doesn’t offer built-in contract management functionality. This means that Salesflare users typically manage their sales contracts manually, and with multiple different tools. 

The process of managing sales contracts typically follows these steps:

  1. The sales team requests a contract from legal via email or using a contract request form. This usually happens when an opportunity progresses to the negotiation stage of the sales process. 
  1. Legal teams draft the sales contract using a Word editor and an existing contract template that is customized to reflect the agreed terms.
  1. Legal teams fill in the details of the contract, such as contract value, party names, and fees, using the data stored in Salesflare.
  1. The draft contract is reviewed internally and shared for approval, typically via email, with stakeholders providing feedback and requesting edits.
  1. Once approved, the contract is shared with the counterparty. It's common for prospects to redline the contract in Word and return a new copy via email. These negotiations continue until all parties agree on the final terms.
  1. The parties then sign the contract. This is often done using an electronic signature tool like DocuSign or Adobe Sign, or by scanning a signature
  1. A signed copy of the contract is saved as a PDF and uploaded to the account workspace in Salesflare, with important contract data tracked in a spreadsheet.

Why is this process painful?

This can work well for businesses that only manage a handful of contracts. But it creates friction for fast-growing businesses closing lots of deals. Here’s why: 

  • Too many tools. A manual contract workflow can involve up to five different tools. Moving back and forth between these can slow down the contracting process and draw out sales cycles. 
  • Too much admin work. The workflow described above involves a lot of contract admin work, from contract drafting to manual data entry. These tasks take up a large portion of legal and sales teams’ time, stopping them from focusing on higher-value work. 
  • Sales teams can’t self-serve. Sales teams often rely on legal to draft their contracts for them which can mean longer turnaround times and lost momentum. This is because sales teams can’t create contracts confidently without certain templates and safeguards in place. 

Is there a better way to manage contracts in Salesflare? 

Luckily, there’s a way for sales teams to automate their contract creation process and reduce the number of tools needed to manage contracts. 

This can be achieved by integrating Salesflare with a contract tool like Juro. The integration can be set up in minutes via Zapier, with no code required.

Let’s run through exactly how this integration works and how it can enable sales teams to streamline their contract workflow.

How to manage contracts in Salesflare and Juro

Firstly, sales teams can use Juro’s integration with Salesflare to automate the contract creation process

They can do this by setting up a trigger in Zapier whereby a contract is created automatically when a new event happens to your workflow step in Salesflare. 

For example, a new workflow step event could be when a sales rep moves an opportunity from ‘proposal development’ to ‘negotiation’. Doing this would then trigger a contract to be created automatically in Juro using a pre-defined contract template and the data stored in the Salesflare record. 

All sales reps have to do is move an opportunity to the negotiation phase in Salesflare for a contract to be created. No more requesting contracts, and no more contract drafting required. 

But that’s not all. The integration can also be used to update the information in Salesflare when a contract reaches a certain milestone. 

For example, you can set a trigger to automatically update an opportunity in Salesflare when a contract gets signed in Juro. You can use the same trigger (a contract getting signed) to automatically update an existing account in Salesflare, too. 

Automating this process means that legal and sales teams no longer need to invest time into manually updating Salesflare records. The integration pushes data automatically between Juro and Salesflare making it quick and easy to manage sales contracts and their data. 

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