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Juro powers contracts for some of the world's fastest-growing companies. Learn how companies of all sizes implement Juro across business teams.

“Up to 30 percent of the legal function's time is won back through not having to do low-value tasks.  We’re doing the work we were trained to do, as opposed to admin work that anyone can do”

Michael Haynes, Head of Legal
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Secret Escapes wanted to replace their manual contract process with a unified workspace for contracts, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

“Every time I open Juro, I avoid having to review and amend a contract through Word and emails"

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Juro powers contract workflow for multiple business teams at Deliveroo, one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

“The way Juro works meant that it was so intuitive, and easy to pick up and run with - it was a godsend”

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Find out how fast-growth fintech Curve used Juro to streamline negotiations and reinvent the candidate experience.

“The time I spend replying to candidates and negotiating terms has been reduced by 75% thanks to Juro"

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Find out how Juro helps Wolt to manage contracts effortlessly at scale, taking its time per contract from 15 minutes down to five.

"Juro's easy to use, it makes it extremely easy to manage contracts, and there’s less room for human error”

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Find out how ethical grocer Farmdrop used Juro to establish a contract workflow that everyone could use - including farmers.

“The fact that it’s been so easy for farmers to adopt Juro is just incredible for us”

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Crypto powerhouse Luno created a frictionless end-to-end process in Juro to made contracts faster, simpler and more collaborative.

“Responses to Juro are overwhelmingly positive - the time Juro has saved its Luno users is considerable”

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Find out how receipts platform Flux used Juro to bring the end-to-end contract process down from four months to eight days.

“Juro’s simplicity and ease-of-use reduce the length of the overall contract process”

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Find out how Nested saved 96% of time on contracts whilst delivering a beautiful contracting experience to homebuyers.

“It used to take 15-25 minutes in Word to set up a contract for one customer. With Juro it takes less than a minute”

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Find out how Juro offered RVU a single source of truth for its contracts and saved legal up to 30% of time.

“30 per cent of legal's time is won back - we're doing the work we were trained to do, not admin anyone can do”

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Find out how Cleo used Juro to automate contracts, streamline workflows, and enable teams to focus only on high-value work.

“Juro’s analytics mean it takes seconds to access and helps us improve our process and remove bottlenecks”

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Find out how Juro crafted a transformative contract workflow that gave Tempo their time back, even as the company grew.

"Onboarding was so fast, we were using Juro on the second or third day after signing – almost instantaneous value”

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Find out how Juro created a centralized source of truth for contracts to combine efficiency with rapid time-to-value.

"For efficient legal operations it’s really important to establish a single source of truth"

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Find out how Shieldpay used Juro to empower the commercial team to self-serve, reducing the end-to-end contract process dramatically.

“We’re saving so much time - contracts previously taking a week to sign are now taking minutes"

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Find out how Appear Here used Juro to help the HR team delight candidates and the commercial team close deals without friction.

“It’s a great tool that both legal and commercial teams find easy to use - I’d definitely recommend Juro”

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Find out Give a Grad a Go used Juro to establish a fast, transparent, intuitive system that delivered a six-figure ROI.

“The interface is so easy to use - it’s so much better than all our previous options”

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