Powering sales and HR contracts for
Unbabel globally

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Powering sales and HR contracts for
Unbabel globally

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Powering sales and HR contracts for
Unbabel globally

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Unbabel enables trustworthy, seamless and scalable translations between companies and their customers

International businesses trust Unbabel’s enterprise platform to open up and grow new markets. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and a global community of 50,000 mobile linguists, Unbabel’s enterprise platform is used by the likes of Pinterest, Skyscanner, Under Armour and Oculus VR.

artificial intelligence

Custom machine translation engines adapted to customers' domains, paired with award-winning quality estimation systems

A community of
50,000 Unbabelers

Even state-of-the-art AI needs a helping hand - from a global community of linguists who post-edit content until it sounds right

Edmund Ovington, VP Partnerships

“Juro removes friction from the final yard, ensuring contracts aren't painful and don't impede our velocity and growth. Combine a brilliant product with a team that is a pleasure to work with and you find Juro as a core pillar of the Unbabel tech stack.”

Edmund Ovington, VP Partnerships

Against a backdrop of rapid growth, Unbabel partnered with Juro to
automate high velocity Sales and HR contract processes

“We needed a solution that could be used across the company, from Order Forms to NDA's to Employment Contracts. Juro has provided all of this, in an integrated, end-to-end tool with rapid onboarding and incredibly responsive account management.

This, in conjunction with the practicalities of having all contracts in one place, sortable by stage and a cleaner, more user-friendly interface than PDF's and Word Documents.

We are especially excited by Juro’s AI level analytics features. As our number of clients increases, our ability to understand what is being agreed in the business is critical. Having everything now in Juro is putting us ahead of the curve.”

Results seen

75% less time from account executives and senior management spent on contracts

30% faster closing times for contracts, with no printing or scanning needed

A reduction in number of trivial redlines requested by customers

Significant risk reduction with all contracts stored securely in one place and data in sync

Positive feedback from employees and customers on the ease of using Juro