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Juro powers employee contract workflow for Deliveroo, one of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Find out how Deliveroo used Juro to scale its legal workflow across multiple jurisdictions at lightning speed - rolling out 1400 legal documents across 13 jurisdictions in two weeks. ⚡️

“The way Juro works meant that it was so intuitive, and easy to pick up and run with - it was a godsend.”
Deliveroo User

Cameron Russell, Rewards Team

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Nested needed to wow people with a legal document at one of the most important moments in their lives. Find out how they delivered a beautiful contracting experience, helping homebuyers move house hassle-free as well as chain-free - and saved Nested 96% of time on contracts in the process. 🏡

“Before it took between 15 and 25 minutes in Word to set up a contract for one customer. With Juro it takes less than a minute.”
Nested User

Sharief Abdel-Hadi, Operations team

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Wolt helps restaurants deliver to diners in more than 35 cities, and needed a contracts solution that could keep up with its white-hot growth. Find out how Juro helps Wolt to manage contracts effortlessly at scale, whilst taking its time spent per contract from 15 minutes down to just five. 🍽

“Juro is easy to use, it makes it extremely easy to manage contracts - there’s less room for human error if you use it.”
Wolt User

Juho Uitti, Sales team

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Unbabel harnesses a global pool of linguists to provide scalable translation services. Juro provided a Salesforce-integrated solution that could handle the variety and the velocity of Unbabel’s contract workflow, meaning users spent 75% less time on contracts - and could close deals 30% faster. 🚀

“Juro removes friction from the final yard, ensuring contracts aren't painful and don't impede our velocity and growth.”
Unbabel User

Edmund Ovington, Partnerships team

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